MPC5200: enable snooping of DMA transactions on XLB even if no PCI
[karo-tx-uboot.git] / cpu / mpc5xxx / cpu_init.c
2006-04-18 Wolfgang DenkMPC5200: enable snooping of DMA transactions on XLB... LABEL_2006_04_18_1106
2006-04-12 Wolfgang DenkMerge with /home/m8/git/u-boot
2006-04-06 Wolfgang DenkFix Lite500B support: Merge with /home/raj/git/u-boot...
2006-04-05 Wolfgang DenkMerge with /home/sr/git/u-boot/cfi-flash
2006-04-05 Wolfgang DenkMerge with /home/sr/git/u-boot/4xx-sdram
2006-04-01 Wolfgang Denk* Add support for ymodem protocol download
2006-03-31 Wolfgang DenkGCC-4.x fixes: clean up global data pointer initializat...
2004-10-10 wdenk* Patch by Gridish Shlomi, 30 Aug 2004:
2004-07-11 wdenk* Patch by Martin Krause, 30 Jun 2004:
2004-02-24 wdenk* Patch by Masami Komiy, 22 Feb 2004:
2003-09-16 wdenk* Modify XLB arbiter priorities on MPC5200 so all devic...
2003-09-16 wdenkMake IPB clock on MGT5100/MPC5200 configurable in board...
2003-09-05 wdenk* Add support for SK98xx driver LABEL_2003_09_06_0055
2003-07-31 wdenkMust enable timebase earlier on MPC5200
2003-07-16 wdenk* Add support for IceCube board (with MGT5100 and MPC52... U-Boot-0_4_4