[karo-tx-uboot.git] / include /
2015-09-08 Tom RiniCPCI4052: Remove CONFIG_SYS_LONGHELP
2015-09-08 Hannes Petermaierboard/BuR/tseries: remove lpj= from environment-variable
2015-09-08 Cooper Jr., Franklinti: am335x/am437x/omap5 devices: Fix breakage when...
2015-09-08 Jeroen Hofsteeboards: tam3517-common: enable gpmc prefetch mode
2015-09-08 Tom Riniomap5: Exclude more environment from SPL builds
2015-09-08 Yegor Yefremovboard: add support for Vision System's Baltos Industrial PC
2015-09-08 Masahiro Yamadaavr32: move CONFIG_SYS_GENERIC_BOARD to Kconfig
2015-09-08 Lokesh VutlaARM: AM43x: Fix MAX_RAM_BANK_SIZE
2015-09-08 Tom Riniam43xx_evm: Enable NAND boot
2015-09-08 Roger Quadrosam335x_evm: nand: Fix boot from NAND
2015-09-08 Roger Quadrosam335x_evm: am44xx_evm: dra7xx_evm: nand: Fix file...
2015-09-08 Mark Langsdorfahci: support LBA48 data reads for 2+TB drives
2015-09-08 Lokesh VutlaARM: BeagleBoard-x15: Enable IO delay recalibration...
2015-09-08 Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7-evm: Enable IO delay recalibration sequence
2015-09-08 Simon Glassdm: usb: tegra: Drop legacy USB code
2015-09-08 Simon Glasssandbox: Move CONFIG_SANDBOX_SERIAL to Kconfig
2015-09-08 Simon GlassRemove SPL undefine of CONFIG_OF_CONTROL
2015-09-08 Simon Glassdm: ns16550: Support CONFIG_SYS_NS16550_MEM32 with...
2015-09-08 Simon GlassRemove typedefs from bmp_layout.h
2015-09-08 Simon Glassarm: Allow cleanup_before_linux() without disabling...
2015-09-08 Simon Glassarm: spl: Add an API to detect when U-Boot is started...
2015-09-08 Simon Glassdm: i2c: Add compatibility functions for dm_i2c_reg_rea...
2015-09-08 Bernhard Nortmannsunxi: Enable CONFIG_SYS_64BIT_LBA when AHCI is used
2015-09-08 Andreas Bießmannavr32: delete non generic board's atstk100{3, 4, 6}
2015-09-08 Andreas Bießmannavr32: delete non generic board mimc200
2015-09-08 Andreas Bießmannavr32: delete non generic board hammerhead
2015-09-08 Andreas Bießmannavr32: delete non generic board favr-32-ezkit
2015-09-08 Andreas Bießmannatngw100: convert to generic board
2015-09-08 Simon Glasstegra: config: nyan-big: Add options required by Chrome...
2015-09-08 Simon Glasstegra: config: Allow Chrome OS environment settings...
2015-09-08 Simon Glasstegra: Increase maximum arguments to 32
2015-09-08 Simon Glassdm: tegra: cros_ec: Enable Chrome OS EC on Nyan-big
2015-09-08 Simon Glasstegra: cros_ec: Add tegra support for Chrome OS EC
2015-09-08 Soeren Mochtbs2910: add PRE_CONSOLE_BUFFER support
2015-09-08 Soeren Mochtbs2910: add thermal support
2015-09-08 Marek Vasutimx6: novena: Reinstate missing CONFIG_FAT_WRITE
2015-09-08 Adam YH Leepepper: Implement Board Detection mechanism
2015-09-08 Stefan Roeseautoboot.c: Add feature to stop autobooting via SHA256...
2015-09-08 Stefan Roeseautoboot.c: Move config options to Kconfig
2015-09-08 Przemyslaw Marczakodroid-xu3: config: enable DFU/THOR/UMS by add configs...
2015-09-08 Lukasz Majewskisamsung: usb: phy: Support for DWC3 PHY
2015-09-08 Bhuvanchandra DVcolibri-vf: Enable SPI support
2015-09-08 Bhuvanchandra DVcolibri_vf: Enable GPIO support
2015-09-08 Fabio Estevammx6_common: Fix LOADADDR and SYS_TEXT_BASE for MX6SL...
2015-09-08 Fabio Estevamwandboard: Add board revision detection support
2015-09-08 Paul Kocialkowskifdt: Documentation for a few support functions aside...
2015-09-08 Paul Kocialkowskifdt: Pass the device serial number through devicetree
2015-09-08 Masahiro Yamadagpio: fix typos in GPIO header
2015-09-08 Simon Glassdm: Sort the uclass IDs after the tegra/PMIC addition
2015-09-08 Simon Glasssandbox: Tidy up terminal restore
2015-09-08 Gabriel Huaux86: minnowmax: initialize the pin-muxing from device...
2015-09-08 Gabriel Huaux86: gpio: add pinctrl support from the device tree
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: qemu: Implement PIRQ routing
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: qemu: Make host bridge (b.d.f=0.0.0) visible
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: quark: Implement PIRQ routing
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Refactor PIRQ routing support
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: qemu: Add ATA/SATA support
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Add CONFIG_LBA48 and remove CONFIG_ATAPI in x86...
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: qemu: Add graphics support
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Move FRAMEBUFFER_SET_VESA_MODE etc to video Kconfig
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Set CONFIG_NR_DRAM_BANKS to 8 and move it to x86...
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Support QEMU x86 targets
2015-09-08 Hannes Schmelzerboard/BuR/common: fix netconsole
2015-09-08 Lars Poeschelconfigs: remove CONFIG_NET_MULTI
2015-09-08 Lars PoeschelARM: phytec: pcm051: Remove unneeded CONFIG_USE_IRQ
2015-09-08 Michal Simeknet: Fix NET_RANDOM_ETHADDR dependencies
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergernet: Move the CMD_NET config to defconfigs
2015-09-08 Joe HershbergerMove setexpr to Kconfig
2015-09-08 Masahiro Yamadasparc: fix build error on gr_ep2s60 board
2015-09-08 Markus Niebelarm: mx6: tqma6: use default CONFIG_SYS_PBSIZE
2015-09-08 Markus Niebelarm: mx6: tqma6: fix spelling error in condition
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: UniPhier: enable CONFIG_NET_RANDOM_ETHADDR
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: UniPhier: move CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE to Kconfig
2015-09-08 Chen-Yu TsaiARM: sunxi: Enable PSCI for sun8i
2015-09-08 Chen-Yu TsaiARM: sunxi: Enable PSCI for sun6i
2015-09-08 Daniel Kochmańskisunxi/nand: Add support to the SPL for loading u-boot...
2015-09-08 Hans de Goedesun9i: Basic sun9i (A80) support
2015-09-08 Hans de Goedesunxi: Update sunxi-common.h to deal with different...
2015-09-08 Hans de Goedesunxi: Update sunxi-common.h to deal with different...
2015-09-08 Hans de Goedesunxi: Remove support for building "old-fashioned"...
2015-09-08 Hannes Schmelzercosmetic: change Author/MAINTAINER Name from Petermaier...
2015-09-08 Matt PorterARMv7M: add STM32F1 support
2015-09-08 Marek VasutARM: bcm283x: Switch to generic timer
2015-09-08 Linus Walleijvexpress64: use uncompressed kernel by default
2015-09-08 Andrew Bradfordmeminfo cmd: Enable printing >=4GiB SDRAM sizes
2015-09-08 Karl ApsiteCombine bootm_find_<thing> functions together
2015-09-08 Karl Apsiteadd boot_get_loadables() to load listed images
2015-09-08 Karl Apsitemkimage will now report information about loadable
2015-09-08 Masahiro Yamadainclude: introduce include/linux/io.h as a wrapper...
2015-09-08 Linus Walleijvexpress64: let Juno wait for root device
2015-09-08 Ricardo Ribaldappc: xilinx-ppc: Move to generic board support
2015-09-08 Fabio Estevamwarp: Add fuse command support
2015-09-08 Fabio Estevamwarp: Enable CONFIG_SUPPORT_EMMC_BOOT
2015-09-08 Fabio Estevamwarp: Fix CONFIG_SYS_FSL_ESDHC_ADDR
2015-09-08 Fabio Estevamwarp: Adjust CONFIG_SYS_DFU_DATA_BUF_SIZE
2015-09-08 Linus Walleijvexpress64: fix various memory issues
2015-09-08 Chris PackhamMakefile: Add U_BOOT_TZ and include in version
2015-09-08 Ryan Harkinvexpress64: specify CONFIG_SYS_FLASH_CFI_WIDTH
2015-09-08 Peter Robinsonmx6: standardise CONFIG_CMD_CACHE
2015-09-08 Peter Robinsonimx6: generic MMC config options to mx6_common