2012-08-27 Lothar WaßmannRemove unused definition IOMUX_SION
2012-08-27 Lothar Waßmannadd description of board specific environment variables
2012-08-27 Lothar WaßmannMerge remote branch 'remotes/tx51/wince-bugfix' into...
2012-08-23 Lothar Waßmannmake sure CONFIG_SYS_LOAD_ADDR has a '0x' prefix
2012-08-23 Lothar Waßmannset CONFIG_SYS_AUTOLOAD to 'no'
2012-08-23 Lothar Waßmannuse fdtaddr instead of fdtcontroladdr
2012-08-23 Lothar WaßmannCleanups:
2012-08-23 Lothar Waßmannuse 'fdtaddr' instead of 'fdtcontroladdr' as destinatio...
2012-08-23 Lothar Waßmannprevent evaluation of cpu_clk in case of watchdog reset...
2012-08-23 Lothar Waßmanndelete 'transceiver-switch' property from flexcan DT...
2012-08-23 Lothar Waßmannremove references to related GPIOs when removing touchp...
2012-08-23 Lothar WaßmannInitialize platform registers
2012-08-20 Lothar WaßmannFix target name in driver globals
2012-08-20 Lothar Waßmannnand: remove bogus patch imported from TI BSP
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannimprove decoding of reset cause
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannremove gpio functions provided by gpiolib.c
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannsetup CCGR registers from DCD
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannadd TX53 support KARO-TX53-2012-08-17
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannimprove register utilisation
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannallow to use different timer clock sources; improve...
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmanncleanup CE image entry code
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannfix handling of network rx/tx buffers
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannuse strncpy()/snprintf() instead of the unbounded variants
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannremove useless type cast
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannremove excessive debug messages
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannprint 'NBITS(vl_bpix)' instead of vl_bpix in debug...
2012-08-17 Lothar WaßmannRemove excessive debug messages
2012-08-17 Lothar WaßmannCleanups:
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannadd PLL parameters for 333MHz
2012-08-17 Lothar WaßmannFix IPU_CTRL_BASE_ADDR for i.MX53
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannremove obsolete file
2012-08-17 Lothar WaßmannChange 16bit bus width detection for i.MX53
2012-08-17 Lothar WaßmannUse NetRxPackets[] as input buffers
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannadd leading zeroes to some bit masks for consistency
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannadjust config for LVDS output
2012-08-17 Lothar WaßmannAdd support for IPU_PIX_FMT_LVDS888
2012-08-17 Lothar WaßmannFix bit offsets for IPU_PIX_FMT_LVDS666
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannformatting fixes
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmanndistinguish between i.MX51 and i.MX53
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannchange '\t' in format strings to spaces;improve error...
2012-08-17 Lothar WaßmannCleanups:
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannsupport 8bpp pixel format
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannremove obsolete variable and useless type casts
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannuse gd->fb_base as framebuffer, if set
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannimprove debug messages
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannuse ALIGN() instead of open-coding its functionality
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannremove support for 24bpp packed pixels (unsupported...
2012-08-17 Lothar Waßmannremove useless type casts
2012-08-16 Lothar Waßmannproperly cast the parameters of flush/invalidate_dcache...
2012-08-16 Lothar WaßmannFix slooooooow performance of fls_esdhc by removing...
2012-08-16 Lothar WaßmannFix time calculation
2012-08-16 Lothar Waßmannremove unused file
2012-08-16 Lothar WaßmannRename mx51_fb_init() to mx5_fb_init() and add paramete...
2012-08-16 Lothar WaßmannAdd gpiolib for common gpio functions
2012-08-06 Lothar WaßmannAdd README for TX48 module
2012-08-03 Lothar WaßmannAdd SYS_MPU_CLK,SYS_DDR_CLK to tx48 entries
2012-08-03 Lothar Waßmannupdate bootargs; define CONFIG_MACH_TYPE
2012-08-03 Lothar Waßmanncompile tx48_move_fdt() only with CONFIG_OF_LIBFDT
2012-08-03 Lothar Waßmannmake MPU and DDR clocks configurable
2012-08-03 Lothar Waßmannprint osc frequency
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmannadded tx48-dt variant to build code with or without...
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmannremove unnecessary env variable linux_id
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmannfix console name in bootargs
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAdd Ka-Ro TX48 support
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAdd WinCE boot support
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAdd missing definitions for CPSW ethernet support
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAdd support for gpio_request_one(), gpio_request_array()
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAdd support for 24bit color depth
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannFix bogus handling of get_timer()
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmannreuse register pointing to boot_params
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmannchanged BOOT_DEVICE_MMC2 to 9 according to TI BSP for...
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmann- change definition of OMAP_HSMMC1_BASE and adjust...
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmannadded prototypes for gpmc_init() and sdelay()
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmann- correct spelling error (aficionados)
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmann- Add 32bpp BMP support
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAdd AM33xx specific register definitions
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAdd AM33xx clock definitions
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmanncosmetic changes (typo and whitespace)
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmanncall enable_mmc0_pin_mux() from SPL code only
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmannfix bogus timer overflow handling
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAdd watchdog_reset to download loop; wait for download...
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannRemove bogus check for NAND_MODE_HW_ECC
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmannfix Obiwan error in save_boot_params() checking for...
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmannremove redundant initialization and type casts
2012-08-01 Lothar Waßmannforce omap_bootmode to live in .data section to end...
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAdd DA8xx FB support for AM33xx
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAdd cpsw ethernet driver
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAdd AM33xx GPIO driver
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAM33xx NAND driver
2012-08-01 Lothar WaßmannAdd support for DDR3 memory
2012-07-30 Lothar Waßmannshow clk rates in print_cpuinfo()
2012-07-30 Lothar Waßmanndefine some missing base addresses; declare lcdc_clk_rate()
2012-07-30 Lothar Waßmannuse separate struct for dt_regs
2012-07-30 Lothar WaßmannMoved clk rate display to print_cpu_info()
2012-07-30 Lothar Waßmanncleanup
2012-07-30 Lothar Waßmanncleanup; add disp pll setup
2012-07-30 Lothar WaßmannAdd hw_watchdog_reset(); clear reset flags on SW reset
2012-07-17 Lothar Waßmannswapped files emif4.c and ddr.c
2012-06-19 Lothar WaßmannAdded missing file for IIM support KARO-2012-06-19
2012-06-19 Lothar WaßmannAdded IIM support