2014-02-21 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-spi
2014-02-21 Alexey Brodkinarc: fix relocation for big-endian target
2014-02-21 Alexey Brodkinaxs101: change command prompt marker to match marketing...
2014-02-21 Alexey Brodkinaxs101: fix dw gmac instantiation for updated dw gmac...
2014-02-21 Alexey Brodkinserial/serial_arc: switch from {read|write}l to {read...
2014-02-21 Alexey Brodkinserial/serial_arc: add work-around of ISS bug
2014-02-20 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2014-02-20 Tom Riniblackfin: Add <asm/clock.h> to numerous drivers
2014-02-20 Lukasz Majewskidfu: mmc: fs: Fix format accepted by ext4write command
2014-02-20 Masahiro Yamadavenice2: move device tree to fix build error
2014-02-20 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2014-02-20 Alexey Brodkinarc: remove "hardware.h"
2014-02-20 Alexey Brodkindesignware_i2c: remove inclusion of <asm/arch/hardware.h>
2014-02-20 Alexey Brodkinspear: move CONFIG_SYS_I2C_BASE from arch-spear/hardwar...
2014-02-20 Hannes PetermaierOMAP24xx I2C: Add support for set-speed
2014-02-20 Marek Vasuti2c: i2c-mxs: Wait for I2C to empty queue
2014-02-20 Chin Liang Seedesignware_i2c: Enhance DesignWare I2C driver address...
2014-02-20 Heiko Schocheri2c, bootcount: add support for bootcounter on i2c...
2014-02-20 Scott Jiangblackfin: make i2c driver blackfin independant
2014-02-20 Sonic Zhangblackfin: rename bfin-twi_i2c driver to adi_i2c
2014-02-20 Sonic Zhangblackfin: add spi and i2c specific get clock functions
2014-02-20 Sonic Zhangblackfin: the sclk MHz in i2c driver should be divided...
2014-02-20 Michael Burri2c: zynq: Add support for the second i2c controller
2014-02-20 Michael Burri2c: zynq: Support for 0-length register address
2014-02-19 Tom RiniPrepare v2014.04-rc1 v2014.04-rc1
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild,tegra124: add dummy obj- for Kbuild
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadacosmetic: FIT: fix a strange comment
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMove CONFIG_DISPLAY_CPUINFO to Makefile
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMove #ifdef(CONFIG_DISPLAY_CPUINFO) from caller to...
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadaconfigs: Delete unused CONFIG_SYS_64BIT_{VSPRINTF,...
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadaconfigs: Delete obsolete macro, CONFIG_SYS_GBL_DATA_SIZE
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadadts: generate multiple device tree blobs
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadadts: move device tree sources to arch/$(ARCH)/dts/
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadadts: re-write dts/Makefile more simply with Kbuild
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakernel-doc: fix some errors
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakernel-doc: update kernel-doc related files to Linux...
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakernel-doc: move kernel-doc tools to scripts/
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamada.gitignore: drop include/asm from ignored file list
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadatools/env: cross-compile fw_printenv without setting...
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: Do not generate .*.su files at the top directory
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadaboard: sandburst: delete FORCEBUILD
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: check clean source and generate Makefile for...
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: support simultaneous board configuration and...
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: use scripts/Makefile.clean
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: refactor tools-all targets
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: Do not pass MTD_VERSION from the top Makefile
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: refactor Makefile and spl/Makefile more
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadaexamples: move api/ and standalone/ entry to examples...
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: change the top Makefile to more Kbuild-ish...
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: remove a cleaning target "tidy"
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: generate {spl, tpl}-autoconf.mk only when it...
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: move include directives of board configuration...
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: convert some make rules to Kbuild style
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: move some lines to more suitable place
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: delete temporary build scripts
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: use Linux Kernel build scripts
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: import more build scripts from Linux v3.13 tag
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: rename scripts/Makefile.build to scripts...
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: add dummy obj-y to create built-in.o
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: change out-of-tree build
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: move some flags to examples makefiles
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: move some flags to spl/Makefile
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: move more stuff to top Makefile
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: refactor include path settings
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: move more flags to the top Makefile
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: Use Kbuild.include
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadakbuild: import Kbuild.include from linux v3.13 tag
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: move BFD_ROOT_DIR to tools/gdb/Makefile
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: move some variable definitions to the top...
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakfile: move suffix rules to Makefile.build
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadanand-spl: Use scripts/Makefile.build
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadaexamples: Use scripts/Makefile.build
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadaboard: samsung: refactor host programs
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadatools: convert makefiles to kbuild style
2014-02-19 Masahiro YamadaMakefile.host.tmp: add a new script to refactor tools
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamada.gitignore: ingore files generated by Kbuild
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadamicroblaze: remove an empty file arch/microblaze/lib...
2014-02-19 Dan MurphyARM: O5/dra7xx: Add SATA boot support
2014-02-19 Dan Murphycommon: spl: Add spl sata boot support
2014-02-19 Ian Campbelltools: correct proftool build rule
2014-02-19 Wolfgang DenkEXT4: Fix number base handling of "ext4write" command
2014-02-19 Heiko Schochernet, phy: atheros ar803x bug
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadafdt: rename IMAAGE_OF_BOARD_SETUP to IMAGE_OF_BOARD_SETUP
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadaconfig: remove platform CONFIG_SYS_HZ definition part 3
2014-02-19 Masahiro Yamadamini2440.h: Delete remainder of dead board
2014-02-19 Detlev Zundeldoc: README: Correct file name of signature verificatio...
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrenunit-test: add lots of tests for the Hush 'test' command
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrenunit-test: fix 'env default' invocation
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrenfat: implement exists() for FAT fs
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrenext4: implement exists() for ext4fs
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrensandbox: enable CONFIG_CMD_FS_GENERIC
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrensandbox: implement exists() function
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrencmd_test: implement -e test for file existence
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrencmd_test: evaluate to false without any arguments
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrencmd_test: implement ! on sub-expressions
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrencmd_test: check for binary operators before unary
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrencmd_test: use table lookup for parsing
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrenfs: don't pass NULL dev_desc to most filesystems
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrenfs: implement infrastructure for an 'exists' function
2014-02-19 Stephen Warrenfs: fix generic save command implementation