2009-05-01 Wolfgang DenkPrepare v2009.06-rc1 v2009.06-rc1
2009-05-01 Jean-Christophe... at91: remove lowlevel_init.S
2009-04-30 Wolfgang DenkUpdate CHANGELOG; minor coding style cleanup.
2009-04-30 Manikandan... OMAP3: Fix timer handling to 1ms and CONFIG_SYS_HZ...
2009-04-30 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodians
2009-04-30 Dirk BehmeOMAP3: Beagle: Set pinmux conditionally for Rev C boards
2009-04-30 Ricardo Ribalda... ubifs: BUG: Blocks commpressed with zlib
2009-04-30 Ricardo Ribalda... lib_generic: gunzip: New function zunzip
2009-04-30 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2009-04-30 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-cfi...
2009-04-30 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-video
2009-04-29 Daniel Gorsulowskiat91: fixed plla calc when no USB support is active
2009-04-29 Ladislav Michlarm925t: Fix CONFIG_SYS_HZ to 1000
2009-04-29 Dirk BehmeOMAP3: Remove legacy NAND defines
2009-04-29 Sanjeev PremiOMAP3: Print correct silicon revision
2009-04-29 Sanjeev PremiOMAP3: Remove unused board-types
2009-04-29 Sanjeev PremiOMAP3: Use functions print_cpuinfo() and checkboard()
2009-04-29 Stefan RoeseMTD: Change cfi-mtd to accept non-uniform sector sizes
2009-04-28 Anatolij Gustschinvideo: fix bug in cfb_console.c code
2009-04-28 Wolfgang Denkcmd_ext2.c: fix compile warnings
2009-04-27 Heiko Schocherids8247: Remove legacy NAND defines
2009-04-27 Ricardo Ribalda... ubifs: BUG realpath string must be ended with NULL
2009-04-27 Peter Tyserbmp_logo: Check return value of fread()
2009-04-27 Peter Tyserncb: Check return value of write()
2009-04-27 Stefan Roesemtd: nand/onenand: Register mtd device upon device...
2009-04-27 Stefan Roesemtd: nand: Include linux/mtd/partitions.h in nand_base.h
2009-04-27 Stefan Roeseubi: Remove flash selection parameter (nor|nand|onenand...
2009-04-27 Detlev Zundelmips/vcth: Use generic 16550 uart driver
2009-04-27 Ladislav MichlSeparate mtdparts command from jffs2
2009-04-27 Peter Tysercmd_ide: Remove unused AmigaOneG3SE code
2009-04-27 Peter TyserAmigaOneG3SE: Fix CONFIG_CMD_CONSOLE definition
2009-04-27 Peter TyserReplace __asm references with __asm__
2009-04-27 Peter TyserReplace __attribute references with __attribute__
2009-04-27 David Brownellmtdpart command: align output columns
2009-04-27 Shinya KuribayashiRemove sa1100.h
2009-04-27 Stefan RoeseUBIFS: Remove tnc_commit.c which is not used in the...
2009-04-27 Adrian HunterUBIFS: fix recovery bug
2009-04-27 Gao Guanhuafs: Fix the wrong type of var
2009-04-27 Wolfgang DenkUpdate CHANGELOG
2009-04-27 David Brownelldm9000 EEPROM reading bugfix
2009-04-27 Yoshihiro Shimodartl8169: fix cache coherency problem
2009-04-27 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mpc83xx
2009-04-26 Dirk BehmeOMAP3: Fix changed mmc init command
2009-04-26 Wolfgang Denklib_arm/board.c: remove misleading "test-only" comment.
2009-04-24 David Brownellminor DaVinci clock cleanup
2009-04-24 Minkyu Kangs3c64xx: remove unnecessary definition
2009-04-24 Heiko Schocher83xx: searching "muram-data" by compatible property
2009-04-24 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-net
2009-04-24 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-at91
2009-04-23 Anatolij Gustschinmpc83xx: MPC8360ERDK: fix environment offset configurat...
2009-04-20 Michael ZaidmanNetLoop initialization bug
2009-04-20 Timur Tabinet: fix ULI 526x macro usage in netdev.h
2009-04-16 David Brownellfix DaVinci NS16550_REG_SIZE regression
2009-04-16 Mike Frysingercmd_nand: drop duplicate NULL ptr check
2009-04-16 David BrownellCMD_UBI != MTD_PARTITIONS
2009-04-16 Jean-Christophe... at91sam9/at91cap: fix CONFIG_SYS_HZ to 1000
2009-04-16 Ilko Ilievat91: add support for the PM9263 board of Ronetix GmbH
2009-04-16 Jean-Christophe... at91sam9/at91cap: improve clock framework
2009-04-16 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Disable POST memory test on NAND-booting Kilauea
2009-04-16 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Disable POST memory test on NAND-booting Sequoia
2009-04-16 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Remove unused code for Sequoia NAND booting...
2009-04-16 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Add "booting from NAND" to 4xx NAND-booting...
2009-04-16 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Fixup chip-selects in dtb for NAND-booting...
2009-04-07 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-blackfin
2009-04-06 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: audit UART for all known anomalies
2009-04-06 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: add check for anomaly 05000362
2009-04-06 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: add comment about anomaly 05000430 avoidance
2009-04-06 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: add workaround for anomaly 05000242
2009-04-06 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: add workaround for anomaly 05000171
2009-04-06 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: update anomaly sheets
2009-04-06 Graf YangBlackfin: nand: flush peripheral before polling it
2009-04-06 Remy BohmerSupport for PXA27X UDC.
2009-04-06 Jean-Christophe... drivers/usb: regorganisation
2009-04-06 Todor I MollovBlackfin: spi: make cs deassert function deterministic
2009-04-05 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2009-04-05 Jean-Christophe... integratorap: fix PCI support
2009-04-05 Dirk BehmeOMAP3: Update Overo pin mux for new expansion board
2009-04-05 Jean-Christophe... arm: unify reset command
2009-04-05 Jean-Christophe... arm: clean cache management
2009-04-05 Jean-Christophe... arm: update co-processor 15 access
2009-04-04 Guennadi LiakhovetskiARM: add the imx31_phycore_eet target to MAINTAINERS
2009-04-04 Guennadi LiakhovetskiARM: fix out-of-tree build of imx31_phycore_eet
2009-04-04 Jon Smirlmpc5200: reduce delays in i2c
2009-04-04 Sanjeev PremiOMAP: Fix compile issue
2009-04-04 Minkyu Kangs3c64xx: fix the wrong gpio offset
2009-04-04 Kyungmin ParkMove machine specific code to board at s3c64xx (v2)
2009-04-04 Tom RixZOOM1 Remove legacy NAND defines
2009-04-04 Tom RixOMAP3 Fix multiline formatting in board init files.
2009-04-04 Wolfgang DenkUpdate CHANGELOG, coding style cleanup.
2009-04-04 Wolfgang DenkOne more fix for building env_embedded.o
2009-04-04 Scott Woodcommon/image.c: Relocate strings in tables.
2009-04-04 Scott Woodmpc8260: Fill in brg's clock-frequency in device tree.
2009-04-04 Scott WoodMPC8260ADS: Add nfsboot/ramboot to default environment.
2009-04-04 Andreas HuberUBI/cfi-mtd: Fix mtd name for multiple chips
2009-04-04 Peter Korsgaardtools/setlocalversion: use git svn instead of git-svn
2009-04-04 Mingkai HueSPI: add the eSPI register support
2009-04-04 Minkyu Kangcmd_mmc: add support for device command for selecting...
2009-04-04 Alan Carvalho... Small fix to m5282evb
2009-04-04 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: add R/O compatibility
2009-04-04 Mike Frysingermore command usage cleanup