descriptionUBoot for KaRo TX COM modules
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last changeWed, 25 Oct 2017 12:04:56 +0000 (14:04 +0200)
2017-10-25 Lothar Waßmannboard: karo: add support for using Linux simple-panel... master KARO-TX6-2017-10-27
2017-07-21 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6: add support for TX6QP-8137 KARO-TX6QP-2017-07-21
2017-07-21 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6: prevent DTB from either being out of reach...
2017-07-21 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6: add support for Ka-Ro TX6UL-8013 KARO-TX6ULL-2017-07-07
2017-07-07 Lothar Waßmannarm: mx6: add support for i.MX6ULL
2017-04-03 Lothar Waßmannkaro: add support for TX6UL-5012
2017-01-04 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6: use GP1 fuse for MIPI variant detection KARO-TX6Q-1230_2017-01-04
2016-12-23 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6: support MIPI variant in board name KARO-TX6Q-1230-2016-12-23
2016-07-11 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6ul: configure some more PMIC regs and disable... KARO-TX-2016-07-11
2016-07-11 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6: configure PMIC to a consistent state upon...
2016-07-11 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6: fix offset voltage in formulas for calculati...
2016-07-11 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6: remove obsolete TX6Q-1020
2016-07-05 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6ul: fix wrong board name in U-Boot messages KARO-TX-2016-07-05
2016-07-04 Lothar WaßmannMerge branch 'tx6-bugfix'
2016-07-04 Lothar WaßmannMerge branch 'tx53-bugfix'
2016-07-04 Lothar WaßmannMerge branch 'tx28-bugfix'
19 months ago KARO-TX6-2017-10-27
21 months ago KARO-TK71-2017-08-24
21 months ago KARO-TX25-2017-08-17
22 months ago KARO-TK71-2017-07-28
22 months ago KARO-TX6QP-2017-07-21
22 months ago KARO-TX6ULL-2017-07-07
2 years ago KARO-TX6-SILENT-2017-06-16
2 years ago KARO-TXSD-2017-03-15
2 years ago KARO-TX6Q-1230_2017-01-04
2 years ago KARO-TX6Q-1230-2016-12-23
2 years ago KARO-TX-2016-07-11
2 years ago KARO-TX-2016-07-05
3 years ago KARO-TX48-2016-05-06
3 years ago KARO-TX6-2016-04-26
3 years ago KARO-TX6-2016-03-10
3 years ago KARO-TX6UL-2015-11-30
19 months ago master
21 months ago karo-tk71-2012.04
21 months ago karo-tx25
2 years ago u-boot-silent
2 years ago karo-txsd
3 years ago karo-tx48
3 years ago tx6qp-devel
3 years ago tx6s-glyn
3 years ago karo-tx6
3 years ago karo-txa5
4 years ago karo-tx53
4 years ago tx53-bugfix