Add DBus based Notify support (uh, still a little hacky),
[metawatch.git] / metawatch.c
2011-08-05 Nils FaerberInfo string inquiry extension
2011-08-02 Nils FaerberAdd button messages and handling
2011-07-30 Nils FaerberNotification test with full screen of text - 15 cahrs...
2011-07-30 Nils FaerberAdd drawing fcuntions for lines and strings incl. three...
2011-07-30 Nils FaerberFixes and enhancements
2011-07-24 Nils FaerberReworked the bitmap functions to be of more general use
2011-07-23 Nils FaerberImplement PBM read file and display
2011-07-23 Nils FaerberMore functions, changed license to LGPL
2011-07-23 Nils FaerberStart to make cmd functions for future API
2011-07-23 Nils FaerberMostly reformatting
2011-07-19 Nils FaerberAdd menu
2011-07-19 Nils FaerberAdd CRC16 with reverse bit order
2011-07-18 Nils FaerberInitial edits...