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This the kernel concepts public GIT server.

For more detailed information about the projects at KC and KC Labs please take a look at the kernel concepts homepage or the KC Labs Projects page.

You can clone the repositories in the following ways:

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Project Description Owner Last Change
gbdfed.git GTK+ BDF font editor, orignal... 11 years ago
karo-tx-linux.git Linux kernel for KaRo TX COM... 6 years ago
karo-tx-redboot.git RedBoot for KaRo TX COM modules 8 years ago
karo-tx-uboot.git UBoot for KaRo TX COM modules 3 years ago
linux-beck.git Beck SC1x5 Kernel 7 years ago
magstrip.git Lib or tools for magnetic... 13 years ago
mdnsd.git mDNSd 7 years ago
meta-kc-bsp.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 16 months ago
meta-nanopi.git OpenEmbedded Core support... 6 years ago
meta-tx09.git OpenEmbedded Core support... 22 months ago
metawatch.git Linux tools for the Fossil... 11 years ago
mv-sheeva.git Linux for Marvell Sheeva based... 10 years ago
oswald.git Open Smart Watch with Loadable... 11 years ago
rdstmc.git RDS and TMC software (radio... 13 years ago