bootm: refactor do_reset and os boot function args
[karo-tx-uboot.git] / board / mvs1 / mvs1.c
2008-07-10 Markus KlotzbuecherMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-06-12 Becky BruceChange initdram() return type to phys_size_t
2006-02-24 Bartlomiej SiekaMerge ... /home/wd/git/u-boot/testing-NAND/ to add...
2005-10-16 Wolfgang DenkMerge with /home/sr/git/u-boot
2005-10-15 Wolfgang DenkMerge with /home/m8/git/u-boot
2005-10-13 Wolfgang DenkCleanup for GCC-4.x
2004-01-06 wdenkAdd a common get_ram_size() function and modify the the
2003-06-27 wdenk* Code cleanup: LABEL_2003_06_27_2340
2002-11-03 wdenkInitial revision