Merge branch 'tx28-bugfix' into karo-devel
[karo-tx-uboot.git] / common /
2015-10-26 Lothar WaßmannMerge branch 'tx28-bugfix' into karo-devel
2015-10-26 Lothar WaßmannMerge branch 'tx51-bugfix' into karo-devel
2015-10-09 Lothar Waßmannkconfig: remove redundant 'default n'
2015-10-09 Lothar Waßmanngpio: use appropriate return values for cmd handler
2015-09-17 Lothar Waßmannkaro: cleanup after merge of v2015.10-rc2
2015-09-10 Simon Glassdm: tpm: Add a 'tpmtest' command
2015-09-10 Simon Glasstpm: Add a 'tpm info' command
2015-09-10 Simon Glasstpm: Check that parse_byte_string() has data to parse
2015-09-10 Simon Glasstpm: Report tpm errors on the command line
2015-09-10 Simon Glassdm: i2c: Add a command to adjust the offset length
2015-09-10 Simon Glassdm: tpm: Convert the TPM command and library to driver...
2015-09-10 Simon Glasstpm: Add Kconfig options for TPMs
2015-09-10 Marcel Ziswilermtd/nand/ubi: assortment of alignment fixes
2015-09-10 Hans de Goedeenv_mmc: Properly prefix mmc errors with '!'
2015-09-10 Simon Glassmalloc_simple: Correct the alignment logic in memalign_...
2015-09-10 Kun-Hua HuangNDS32: Generic Board Support and Unsupport
2015-09-10 Thierry Redingimage: Fix loop condition to avoid warning
2015-09-10 Bin Mengx86: fsp: Delay x86_fsp_init() call a little bit
2015-09-10 Masahiro Yamadaof: clean up OF_CONTROL ifdef conditionals
2015-09-10 Masahiro Yamadaof: flip CONFIG_SPL_DISABLE_OF_CONTROL into CONFIG_SPL_...
2015-09-10 Simon GlassRevert "Align global_data to a 16-byte boundary"
2015-09-10 Ravi Babuenv: use cache line aligned memory for flash read
2015-09-10 Ravi Babusf: allocate cache aligned buffers to copy from flash
2015-09-10 Simon Glassx86: Switch to using generic global_data setup
2015-09-10 Simon GlassAllow arch-specific setting of global_data in board_ini...
2015-09-10 Simon GlassAlign global_data to a 16-byte boundary
2015-09-10 Bin Mengcommon: Display >=4GiB memory bank size
2015-09-10 Max Krummenacherimage-fdt.c: store returned error value
2015-09-10 Marcel Ziswilergeneric-board: allow showing custom board info
2015-09-10 Marcel Ziswilercommon/lcd_console: fix console/logo regression
2015-09-10 Nikita Kiryanovkconfig: add config option for shell prompt
2015-09-10 Gong Qianyucommon/cmd_source.c: Fix the source command failure...
2015-09-10 Gong Qianyuspl: Fix compile warning for arm64
2015-09-10 Rob Herringimage: fix Android ramdisk support when dtb is specified
2015-09-10 Heiko Schocherspl, common, serial: build SPL without serial support
2015-09-10 Simon Glassdm: pmic: Display the regulator limits on error
2015-09-10 Marcel Ziswilerdm: usb: fix USB Ethernet without CONFIG_DM_ETH regression
2015-09-10 Marek Vasutusb: Fix device detection code
2015-09-10 Simon Glassefi: Add a command to display the memory map
2015-09-10 Simon GlassAdd a way to skip relocation
2015-09-10 Ben Stoltzefi: Avoid using non-existent text base
2015-09-10 Peng Fancommon: command add '\n' for debug msg
2015-09-10 Bin Mengcommon: Print nothing in the __weak checkboard()
2015-09-09 Michal Simekcmd_mp: Add support for showing all CPU status by one...
2015-09-09 Stephen Warrenpxe: add AArch64 image support
2015-09-09 Haikun.Wang@freesc... generic_board: Call "checkboard" even though the root...
2015-09-09 Stefan Roesespl: spl_mmc: Add option to boot from a MMC partition...
2015-09-09 Hannes Petermaiercommon/lcd_simplefb: Add support for 32bit organized...
2015-09-09 Paul Kocialkowskifastboot: Dynamic controller index for usb_gadget_handl...
2015-09-09 Paul Kocialkowskiusb: board_usb_init and board_usb_cleanup calls in...
2015-09-09 Simon Glassdm: usb: Adjust the USB_DEVICE() macro naming
2015-09-09 Simon Glassdm: usb: eth: Support driver model with USB Ethernet
2015-09-09 Simon Glassdm: usb: Avoid using USB ethernet with CONFIG_DM_USB...
2015-09-09 Simon Glassdm: pci: Add support for PCI driver matching
2015-09-09 Hans de Goededm: usb: Do not assume that first child is always a hub
2015-09-09 Hans de Goededm: usb: Fix "usb tree" output
2015-09-09 Hans de Goedeusb: Add an usb_device parameter to usb_reset_root_port
2015-09-09 Hans de Goedeusb: Pass device instead of portnr to usb_legacy_port_reset
2015-09-09 Hans de Goedeusb: usb_setup_device: Drop unneeded portnr function...
2015-09-09 Hans de Goedeusb: Drop device-model specific copy of usb_legacy_port...
2015-09-09 Simon Glassspl: Add a debug string before the jump to U-Boot
2015-09-09 Simon Glassdm: spl: Allow device tree/driver model in board_init_f()
2015-09-09 Simon Glassdm: mmc: Allow driver model to be used for MMC in SPL
2015-09-09 Simon Glassspl: Add debugging info for spl_mmc boot
2015-09-09 Simon Glasssandbox: Drop special-case sandbox console code
2015-09-09 Simon Glassdm: Allow debug UART to support an early console
2015-09-09 Simon Glassmkimage: Display a better list of available image types
2015-09-09 Prabhakar Kushwahaboard/ls2085rdb: Export functions for standalone AQ...
2015-09-09 Sudeep Hollacmd_fdt: save fdtaddr in hex format
2015-09-09 Andre Przywarafdt: prevent clearing memory node if there are no banks
2015-09-09 Bin Mengcmd: date: Change to use CONFIG_DM_RTC instead of CONFI...
2015-09-09 Bin Mengdm: cpu: Fix undefined ENOSYS build error
2015-09-09 Simon Glassspi: sf: Print the error code on failure
2015-09-09 Bin Mengx86: fsp: Move FspInitEntry call to board_init_f()
2015-09-09 Andre Przywarascsi: fix compiler warning with DEBUG and 48bit LBAs
2015-09-08 Jagan Tekicommon: Add CMD_SF Kconfig entry
2015-09-08 Heiko Schochermtd, spi: Check if flash pointer is used
2015-09-08 Heiko Schocherspi, sf: Use offset and size in sf cmd from mtdpartition
2015-09-08 Heiko Schochermtd, nand: Move common functions from cmd_nand.c to...
2015-09-08 Daniel Schwierzeckmtd, spi: Add MTD layer driver
2015-09-08 Joe HershbergerMove defaults from config_cmd_default.h to Kconfig
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergercommon: Add the CMD_ENV_EXISTS config to Kconfig
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergercommon: Fix comment for saveenv in Kconfig
2015-09-08 Paul Kocialkowskicommon: cmd_part: start and size sub-commands introduction
2015-09-08 Paul Kocialkowskicommon: cmd_part: Proper alignment
2015-09-08 Hans de Goedeusb: kbd: Disable idle input reports when we do not...
2015-09-08 Paul Kocialkowskispl: spl_mmc: MMC boot mode provisions checks
2015-09-08 Paul Kocialkowskispl: spl_mmc: Minor cosmetics
2015-09-08 Mark Langsdorfahci: support LBA48 data reads for 2+TB drives
2015-09-08 Mark Langsdorfcmd_scsi: use lbaint_t for LBA values instead of u32
2015-09-08 Hannes Schmelzercommon/cmd_bdinfo: show gd->board_type
2015-09-08 Simon GlassAdd a simple version of memalign()
2015-09-08 Simon Glasslcd: Support colour lookup table on 16bpp display in...
2015-09-08 Simon GlassRemove typedefs from bmp_layout.h
2015-09-08 Stefan Roeseautoboot.c: Add feature to stop autobooting via SHA256...
2015-09-08 Stefan Roeseautoboot.c: Move config options to Kconfig
2015-09-08 Stefan Roeseautoboot.c: Remove CONFIG_AUTOBOOT_STOP_STR2 and CONFIG...
2015-09-08 Hans de Goedeimage-fit: Fix compiler warning in fit_conf_print()
2015-09-08 Paul Kocialkowskifdt: Pass the device serial number through devicetree
2015-09-08 Bin Mengcmd_ide: Eliminate build warnings in atapi_inquiry()