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karo: tx6: don't write u-boot image with WITH_DROP_FFS
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2015-09-10 Masahiro YamadaARM: uniphier: enable SPL_OF_CONTROL
2015-09-10 Kun-Hua HuangNDS32: Generic Board Support and Unsupport
2015-09-10 Kun-Hua HuangNDS32: Generic Board Support and Unsupport
2015-09-10 Bin Mengdm: pci: Document binding of pci device drivers
2015-09-10 Simon Glassx86: Correct microcode documentation
2015-09-10 Bin Mengefi: Update README.efi to clarify build and test instru...
2015-09-10 Bin Mengx86: doc: Update coreboot payload entry point address
2015-09-10 Masahiro YamadaARM: davinci: remove support for cam_enc_4xx
2015-09-10 Simon Glassx86: Add a simple interrupt script to the README
2015-09-10 Stoppa, Igorx86: Add clarifications to the x86 README
2015-09-10 Andrew Bradfordx86: baytrail: Configure FSP UPD from device tree
2015-09-10 Hans de Goedesunxi: display: Add overscan correction
2015-09-10 Peng Fanpower: regulator: update comments for regulator-name
2015-09-10 Hans de Goedesunxi: display: Add composite video out support
2015-09-10 Simon Glassdm: video: Add support for the Parade PS8622/625 bridge
2015-09-10 Simon Glassi2c: Add a mux for GPIO-based I2C bus arbitration
2015-09-10 Simon Glassdm: i2c: Add support for multiplexed I2C buses
2015-09-10 Bin Mengx86: Document how to write PIRQ information in the...
2015-09-10 Simon Glassefi: Add a README to explain how things work
2015-09-10 Simon Glassx86: Update README to explain booting Ubuntu on Minnowmax
2015-09-10 Simon Glassx86: dts: Fix typo in intel,irq-router.txt
2015-09-10 Bin Mengx86: qemu: Add MP initialization
2015-09-10 Bin Mengdoc: dm: Update pci-info.txt for pci support
2015-09-09 Raghav Dograpowerpc/b4860qds: Update README for DIP switch information
2015-09-09 Michal Simekspi: Fix zynq SPI binding
2015-09-09 Masahiro YamadaARM: UniPhier: document reference support card
2015-09-09 Masahiro YamadaARM: UniPhier: add PH1-sLD3 SoC support
2015-09-09 Paul Kocialkowskiusb: CONFIG_USB_FASTBOOT prefix replacement for consistency
2015-09-09 Paul Kocialkowskiusb: Fastboot function config for better consistency...
2015-09-09 Paul Kocialkowskiusb: USB download gadget and functions config options...
2015-09-09 Simon Glassdm: Add platform data advice and admonishment
2015-09-09 Simon Glassdm: led: Add a driver for GPIO-controlled LEDs
2015-09-09 Simon Glassdm: Add support for LEDs
2015-09-09 Simon Glassx86: Add binary blob checksums for Minnowboard MAX
2015-09-09 Simon Glassx86: Add ROM image description for minnowmax
2015-09-09 Bin Mengx86: crownbay: Enable graphics support
2015-09-09 Bin Mengx86: Move VGA option rom macros to Kconfig
2015-09-09 Bin Mengx86: Update README.x86 for SMP support
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaREADME.distro: fix typos
2015-09-08 Vikas Manochaspi: cadence_qspi: add device tree binding doc
2015-09-08 Jagan Tekispi: zynq_spi: Add fdt support in driver
2015-09-08 Jagan Tekidts: zynq: Add zynq spi controller nodes
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaREADME.scrapyard: add entries for dead AVR32 boards
2015-09-08 Stefan Roeseautoboot.c: Remove CONFIG_AUTOBOOT_STOP_STR2 and CONFIG...
2015-09-08 Paul Kocialkowskifdt: Pass the device serial number through devicetree
2015-09-08 Gabriel Huaux86: gpio: add pinctrl support from the device tree
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: qemu: Create separate i440fx and q35 device trees
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Document irq router device tree bindings
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: qemu: Add graphics support
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Update README.x86 for QEMU support
2015-09-08 Karl Apsitemkimage will now report information about loadable
2015-09-08 Ricardo Ribaldadoc/README.generic-board: Trivial spell check
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: zynq: add separate configuration for ZC702 and...
2015-09-08 Stefan Agnermtd: vf610_nfc: add Freescale NFC controller configs...
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaREADME.scrapyard: add entries for dead board, T4240EMU...
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergernet: Remove all references to CONFIG_ETHADDR and friends
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergernet: Implement random ethaddr fallback in eth.c
2015-09-08 Jagan TekiMAINTAINERS, git-mailrc: Update Jagan's name and e...
2015-09-08 Przemyslaw Marczaksandbox: add: sandbox PMIC device drivers: I2C emul...
2015-09-08 Przemyslaw Marczakdoc: driver-model: pmic-framework.txt - cleanup
2015-09-08 Przemyslaw Marczakdoc: driver-model: pmic and regulator uclass documentation
2015-09-08 Przemyslaw Marczakdm: regulator: add fixed voltage regulator driver
2015-09-08 Przemyslaw Marczakdm: regulator: add max77686 regulator driver
2015-09-08 Przemyslaw Marczakdm: pmic: add max77686 pmic driver
2015-09-08 Przemyslaw Marczakdm: regulator: add implementation of driver model regul...
2015-09-08 Simon Glasstegra124: dts: Add host1x node to provide display infor...
2015-09-08 Simon Glassfdt: Add binding decode function for display-timings
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: at91: remove non-generic boards
2015-09-08 Vikas Manochaserial: fdt: add device tree support for pl01x
2015-09-08 Dinh Nguyengit-mailrc: add Dinh Nguyen as a contact for SoCFPGA
2015-09-08 Masahiro Yamadagit-mailrc: add Marek as SOCFPGA maintainer
2015-09-08 Yangbo Lummc: fsl_esdhc: Add adapter card type identification...
2015-09-08 Simon Glassx86: Update chromebook_link instructions for binary...
2015-09-08 Simon Glassx86: Correct Minnowboard instructions to use the right...
2015-09-08 Simon Glassdm: Update the README to reflect the current test output
2015-09-08 Joe HershbergerUpdate MAINTAINERS and git-mailrc for net
2015-09-08 Simon Glassdts: sunxi: Bring in Ethernet device tree bindings
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergernet: cosmetic: Fix checkpatch.pl failures in net.c
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergernet: cosmetic: Fix var naming net <-> eth drivers
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergernet: cosmetic: Name ethaddr variables consistently
2015-09-08 Simon Glassdm: usb: Add a README for driver model
2015-09-08 Przemyslaw Marczakdm: i2c: add i2c-gpio driver
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergerdm: eth: Add basic driver model support to Ethernet...
2015-09-08 Simon Glassdm: pci: Add a uclass for PCI
2015-09-08 Simon Glassx86: video: Allow keyboard presence to be controlled...
2015-09-08 Michael Scottfastboot: check for alias when looking up partition...
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: davinci: remove hawkboard support
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: remove tnetv107x board support
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: remove dkb board support
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: remove jadecpu board support
2015-09-01 Ulises CardenasFix mxc_hab documenation
2015-09-01 Ulises CardenasFix mxc_hab documenation for DEK blob generation
2015-09-01 Ajay Kumarvideo: exynos_fb: configure backlight GPIOs if specifie...
2015-09-01 Peter Tysernand: Remove unused CONFIG_MTD_NAND_ECC_JFFS2 option
2015-09-01 Linus Walleijarmv8: semihosting: add a command to load semihosted...
2015-09-01 Karsten MerkerDocument config_distro_bootcmd environment variables...
2015-09-01 Masahiro Yamadageneric-board: move __HAVE_ARCH_GENERIC_BOARD to Kconfig
2015-09-01 Bin Mengnet: Update README.drivers.eth to mention latest APIs
2015-09-01 Bin Mengx86: Add queensbay fsp patch information in README.x86
2015-09-01 Masahiro Yamadapowerpc: ppc4xx: remove korat board support