mxs: spl: replace bogus early_delay() function with standard udelay() calls
[karo-tx-uboot.git] / tools /
2015-10-26 Lothar WaßmannMerge branch 'tx48-devel' into karo-devel
2015-10-26 Lothar WaßmannMerge branch 'tx28-devel' into karo-devel
2015-10-26 Lothar Waßmanntools: elftosb: use g++ to compile elftosb to prevent...
2015-10-26 Lothar Waßmanntools: elftosb: makefile indentation and whitespace...
2015-09-17 Lothar Waßmannkaro: cleanup after merge of v2015.10-rc2
2015-09-10 Simon Glassbuildman: Correct 'Series-cover-cc' detection logic
2015-09-10 Tom Rinitools/atmelimage.c: Fix warning when debug is enabled
2015-09-10 Ulf Magnussonkconfiglib: update to the latest version
2015-09-10 Masahiro Yamadapatman: use -D option for git format-patch
2015-09-10 Simon Glassx86: ifdtool: Drop microcode from the device tree when...
2015-09-10 Simon Glassx86: ifdtool: Support collating microcode into one...
2015-09-10 Simon Glassx86: ifdtool: Split microcode linking into its own...
2015-09-10 Simon Glassx86: ifdtool: Check that U-Boot does not overlap other...
2015-09-10 Stefan Agnerlogos: add Toradex logo
2015-09-10 Bin Menggitignore: Add defconfig and fdtgrep
2015-09-09 Simon Glasspatman: Don't run patman when it is imported as a module
2015-09-09 Chris Packhampatman: add distutils based installer
2015-09-09 Bin Mengbuildman: Correct '--fetch-arch' command documentation
2015-09-09 Paul KocialkowskiReproducible U-Boot build support, using SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
2015-09-09 Masahiro Yamadatools: remove mpc86x_clk tool
2015-09-09 Adrian Alonsoimx: imximage: add new CHECK/CLR BIT command
2015-09-09 Stefan Roesekwbimage: Rename CONFIG_SYS_SPI_U_BOOT_OFFS to CONFIG_S...
2015-09-09 Stefan Roesekwbimage: Add support for SDIO/MMC boot device selection
2015-09-09 Simon Glassmkimage: Set up a file size parameter and keep it updated
2015-09-09 Simon Glassfdt: Add fdtgrep tool
2015-09-09 Simon Glassmkimage: Display a better list of available image types
2015-09-09 Bin Mengtools: ifdtool: Write correct offset on 32-bit machine
2015-09-09 Tom Keep 'SPL'
2015-09-09 Albert ARIBAUD ... tools: mkimage: fix imximage header size
2015-09-08 Peter Robinsontools/env/fw_env.h: Correct include order
2015-09-08 Stefan Roesetools/kwboot: Add parameters to set delay and timeout...
2015-09-08 Kevin Smithtools/kwbimage.c: Correct header size for SPI boot
2015-09-08 Masahiro Yamadakconfiglib: sync with the latest in Kconfiglib project
2015-09-08 Bin Mengtools: ifdtool: Do not write region while its size...
2015-09-08 Daniel Kochmańskisunxi/nand: change BLOCK_SIZE in mksunxiboot to match...
2015-09-08 Thomas Petazzonitools: use pkg-config when available to get SSL flags
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergermoveconfig: Print status about the processed defconfigs
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergermoveconfig: Add a switch to enable printing errors
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergermoveconfig: Print a message for missing compiler
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergermoveconfig: Output a list of failed boards
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergermoveconfig: Cleanup headers in arch and board
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergermoveconfig: Add a switch to only cleanup headers
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergermoveconfig: Add a parameter to accept a list to build
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergermoveconfig: Ignore duplicate configs when moving
2015-09-08 Joe Hershbergermoveconfig: Always run savedefconfig on the moved config
2015-09-08 Masahiro Yamadatools: moveconfig: a tool to move CONFIGs from headers...
2015-09-08 Jörg Krausetools: mxsboot: Calculate ECC strength dynamically
2015-09-08 Jörg Krausemtd: nand: mxs: Replace magic number for bits per ECC...
2015-09-08 Jörg KrauseFix musl build
2015-09-08 Max Krummenacherfw_env.h: include autoconf.h
2015-09-08 Wu, Joshpatman: check git format.subjectprefix setting when...
2015-09-08 Michal Simekbuildman: Add gcc 4.9.0 with Microblaze toolchain
2015-09-08 Wu, Joshpatman: cover letter shows like 00/xx if more than...
2015-09-08 Tom Rinibuildman: Make -V (verbose_build) really be verbose
2015-09-08 Tom Rinibuildman: Keep more outputs with the --keep-outputs...
2015-09-08 Simon Glassbuildman: Allow comparison of build configuration
2015-09-08 Simon Glassbuildman: Store build config files
2015-09-08 Simon Glassbuildman: Adjust the 'aborted' heuristic for writing...
2015-09-08 Simon Glassbuildman: Show 'make' command line when -V is used
2015-09-01 Fabio Estevamlogos: Add Solidrun's logo
2015-09-01 Albert ARIBAUD ... lpc32xx: add lpc32xx-spl.bin boot image target
2015-09-01 Marcel ZiswilerARM: tegra: rename colibri_t20 board/configuration...
2015-09-01 Brian McFarlandPatch to mkenvimage to handle text files with length...
2015-09-01 Simon Glassbuildman: Add a space before the list of boards
2015-09-01 Simon Glassbuildman: Correct toolchain download feature
2015-09-01 Chris Packhamkwbimage: align v1 binary header to 4B
2015-09-01 Waldemar Brodkorbadd example for file on VFAT filesystem usage
2015-09-01 Siarhei Siamashkatools: mksunxiboot: Fix problems on big endian systems
2015-09-01 Andreas Bießmanntools/imagetool: remove linker script
2015-09-01 Albert ARIBAUDbuildman: allow multiple toolchains in a single path
2015-09-01 Simon Glasspatman: Read in the git-mailrc alias file
2015-09-01 Simon Glassbuildman: Fix incorrect arguemnt in GetUpstream()
2015-09-01 Ye.Liimx: imximage: Add QuadSPI boot support
2015-09-01 Tom Rinikwbimage: Make the Makefile pass in CONFIG_SYS_SPI_U_BO...
2015-09-01 Stefan Roesetools: kwbimage: Support u-boot.img padding to CONFIG_S...
2015-09-01 Simon Glassx86: Enhance the microcode tool to support header files...
2015-09-01 Nikita Kiryanovarm: mx6: cm-fx6: display compulab logo
2015-09-01 Alexandre Coffignalmxsboot : Support of 224-bytes OOB area length
2015-08-24 Lothar WaßmannMerge branch 'karo-tx-uboot' into kc-merge
2015-06-26 Lothar Waßmannconfig: rename CONFIG_MX* to CONFIG_SOC_MX*
2015-03-09 Lothar Waßmannupdate to 2015.04-rc1
2015-03-04 Lothar Waßmannkaro: merge with Ka-Ro specific tree for secure boot...
2015-02-02 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-02-02 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-02-02 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-01-31 Tom RiniMerge branch 'patman' of git://
2015-01-31 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-01-30 Simon Glasspatman: Explain how to make doc/git-mailrc work
2015-01-30 Scott Woodpatman: Check commit_match before stripping leading...
2015-01-30 Peter Tyserpatman: Make dry-run output match real functionality
2015-01-30 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-01-30 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-01-30 Ruchika GuptaUse hash.c in mkimage
2015-01-30 Ruchika Guptarsa: Split the rsa-verify to separate the modular expon...
2015-01-29 Guilherme Maciel... tools: do not print error messages in verify_header...
2015-01-29 Guilherme Maciel... dumpimage: fit: extract FIT images
2015-01-29 Guilherme Maciel... dumpimage: replace the term "datafile" by "subimage"
2015-01-29 Guilherme Maciel... dumpimage: add 'T' option to explicitly set the image...
2015-01-29 Guilherme Maciel... imagetool: replace image registration function by linke...
2015-01-29 Guilherme Maciel... imagetool: make the image_save_datafile() available...