2013-05-24 Shaveta Leekhapowerpc/b4860: fix for Serdes connectivity to SFP's
2013-05-24 Shengzhou Liupowerpc/t4240qds: fix PHY reset timeout issue
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/t4qds: Add SW7[4] in the DIP switch display
2013-05-24 Suresh GuptaEnable XAUI interface for B4860QDS
2013-05-24 Stephen Georgeboard/t4240qds, b4860qds: LAW/TLB for DCSR set to size 32M
2013-05-24 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/p5040: enable PBL tool support
2013-05-24 Ed Swarthoutpowerpc/t4qds: use clock measurement for sysclk and...
2013-05-24 Ed Swarthoutpowerpc/qixis: add clock measurement registers
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/mpc8xxx: Allow DDR overclock
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/chassis2: Change core numbering scheme
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/mpc8xxx: Add T1040 and variant SoCs
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/T4160: Merge T4160 and T4240 in config_mpc85xx.h
2013-05-24 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/p5040: enable NAND, SD, SPI boot support
2013-05-24 James YangAdd e6500 L2 replacement policy selection
2013-05-24 Shaohui XieT4240/ramboot: enable PBL tool for T4240
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/t4240qds: Add VDD override
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: check if core is disabled for showing...
2013-05-24 Shaohui Xienet/phy: fix select line for TN80xx
2013-05-24 James YangEnable L2 cache parity/ECC error checking
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/t4240qds: Add board detail for bdinfo command
2013-05-24 York Suncommon: Update cmd_bdinfo for PPC
2013-05-24 Masahiro Yamadacmd_mem: fix cp command
2013-05-24 Stephen Warrenext4: assign get_fs()->dev_desc before using it
2013-05-23 Masahiro Yamadacfi_flash: return NULL for invalid base address input
2013-05-23 Masahiro Yamadacosmetic: cfi_flash: delete a space after an unary...
2013-05-23 Andrew Gabbasovcfi_flash: Fix unaligned accesses to cfi_qry structure
2013-05-17 Simon GlassUpdate MAINTAINERS file for sandbox
2013-05-17 Simon GlassUpdate MAINTAINERS file for x86
2013-05-17 Masahiro Yamada.gitignore: add GNU GLOBAL files
2013-05-17 Doug Andersonfdt_support: Use CONFIG_NR_DRAM_BANKS if defined
2013-05-17 Doug Andersonbootm: Avoid 256-byte overflow in fixup_silent_linux()
2013-05-16 Tom RiniREADME: Correct reference for CONFIG_SUPPORT_RAW_INITRD
2013-05-15 Haijun.Zhangpowerpc/esdhc: Correct judgement for DATA PIO mode
2013-05-15 Kuo-Jung Summc: update Faraday FTSDC010 for rw performance
2013-05-15 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://denx.de/git/u-boot-mpc85xx
2013-05-15 Wolfgang DenkPower: remove support for Freescale MPC8220
2013-05-15 Wolfgang Denkdoc/README.scrapyard: add missing commit IDs
2013-05-15 Ying Zhangdrivers/mmc: move spl_mmc.c to common/spl
2013-05-15 Masahiro Yamadasmc911x: fix the timeout detection
2013-05-15 Paul B. Hensondoc/README.ubi: Add description of accessing ubi filesy...
2013-05-14 Shaohui XieT4240/eth: fix SGMII card PHY address
2013-05-14 Ed Swarthoutpowerpc/t4qds: Fix disabling remote I2C connection
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/b4860qds: Assign DDR address in board file
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/mpc8xxx: Allow board file to override DDR addre...
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Update workaround for DDR erratum...
2013-05-14 Roy ZangT4/usb: move usb 2.0 utmi dual phy init code to cpu_init.c
2013-05-14 Shaohui XieT4240/net: use QSGMII card PHY address by default
2013-05-14 Shaohui Xienet/phy: add VSC8574 support
2013-05-14 Shengzhou Liupowerpc/85xx: fix build error introduced by serdes_get_...
2013-05-14 Shengzhou Liunet/fm: fixup ethernet for mEMAC
2013-05-14 Shengzhou Liut4240qds/eth: fixup ethernet for t4240qds
2013-05-14 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/85xx: add missing QMAN frequency calculation
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc: Add T4160QDS
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/t4240qds: Move SoC define into boards.cfg
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Add T4160 SoC
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/t4240: Fix SerDes protocol arrays with const...
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Fix PIR parsing for chassis2
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/corenet2: Print SerDes protocol in decimal
2013-05-14 Roy ZangT4/USB: Add USB 2.0 UTMI dual phy support
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/t4240qds: Add voltage ID support
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Fix portal setup
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/mpc8xxx: Fix DDR 3-way interleaving
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/t4240qds: Update DDR timing table
2013-05-14 Roy ZangT4/SerDes: correct the SATA index
2013-05-14 Shaohui XieFman/t4240: some fix for 10G XAUI
2013-05-14 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/t4240qds: fix XAUI card PHY address
2013-05-14 Roy ZangT4/serdes: fix the serdes clock frequency
2013-05-14 Andy Fleminge6500: Move L1 enablement after L2 enablement
2013-05-14 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/t4240qds: Fix SPI flash type
2013-05-14 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Update corenet global utility block...
2013-05-14 Andy Flemingpowerpc/mpc85xx: Add definitions for HDBCR registers
2013-05-14 Sandeep Singhpowerpc/B4860: Corrected FMAN1 operating frequency...
2013-05-14 Lubomir PopovOMAP5: Enable USB Ethernet support with LAN9730
2013-05-14 Simon Glassbuildman: Produce a sensible error message when branch...
2013-05-14 Simon Glasssparc: Use image_setup_linux() instead of local code
2013-05-14 Simon Glassm68k: Use image_setup_linux() instead of local code
2013-05-14 Simon Glasspowerpc: Use image_setup_linux() instead of local code
2013-05-14 Simon Glassarm: Use image_setup_linux() instead of local code
2013-05-14 Simon Glassarm: Refactor bootm to reduce #ifdefs
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Add device tree setup to image library
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Split libfdt code into image-fdt.c
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Add CONFIG_FIT_SPL_PRINT to control FIT image...
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Remove remaining #ifdefs in image-fit.c
2013-05-14 Simon Glassmkimage: Put FIT loading in function and tidy error...
2013-05-14 Simon Glasssandbox: image: Add support for booting images in sandbox
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Rename hash printing to fit_image_print_verifica...
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Rename fit_add_hashes() to fit_add_verification_...
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Export fit_conf_get_prop_node()
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Move error! string to common place
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Move hash checking into its own function
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Rename fit_image_check_hashes() to fit_image_ver...
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Convert fit_image_hash_set_value() to static...
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Split hash node processing into its own function
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Move HOSTCC image code to tools/
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Split FIT code into new image-fit.c
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Export fit_check_ramdisk()
2013-05-14 Simon Glassimage: Move timestamp #ifdefs to header file
2013-05-14 Simon Glasslibfdt: Add fdt_next_subnode() to permit easy subnode...
2013-05-14 Simon Glassmkimage: Move ARRAY_SIZE to header file
2013-05-14 Simon Glassbootstage: Don't build for HOSTCC