2014-02-17 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mmc
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinserial/serial_arc - add driver for ARC UART
2014-02-07 Tom Rinidra7xx_evm: Add CONFIG_SUPPORT_EMMC_BOOT, document...
2014-02-07 Tom Riniomap5_uevm: Add CONFIG_SUPPORT_EMMC_BOOT, document...
2014-02-07 Tom Rinicmd_mmc.c: Drop open/close mmc sub-commands
2014-02-07 Tom Rinicmd_mmc.c: Add bootbus mmc sub-command
2014-02-07 Tom Rinicmd_mmc.c: Add 'partconf' command to mmc
2014-02-07 Tom Rinicmd_mmc.c: Rename 'bootpart' to 'bootpart-resize'
2014-02-07 Tom Rinicmd_mmc.c: Change 'bootpart' code to match normal codin...
2014-02-07 Tom RiniSPL: Add CONFIG_SUPPORT_EMMC_BOOT support to CONFIG_SPL...
2014-02-07 Siva Durga... mmc: Enabled quirk SDHCI_QUIRK_BROKEN_R1B
2014-02-07 Rajeshwari... MMC: DWMMC: Correct the CLKDIV register value
2014-02-07 Stephen Warrenmmc: set rca to 1 for MMC cards
2014-02-07 Tom Rinix600: Switch to CONFIG_PHYLIB
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinnet/designware: make driver compatible with data cache
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinnet/designware - switch driver to phylib usage
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinnet: execute "miiphy_init" if CONFIG_PHYLIB defined
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinnet/designware: add explicit reset of {tx|rx}_currdescnum
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinarc: add README for architecture
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinarc: add architecture to MAKEALL
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinarc: add AXS101 board support
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinarc: add Arcangel4 board support
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinarc: add support for standalone programs
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinarc: bdinfo, image and arc-specific init functions...
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinarc: add library functions
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinarc: add cpu files
2014-02-07 Alexey Brodkinarc: add architecture header files
2014-02-07 Aaron Wublackfin: Initialize the EMAC VLAN with proper default...
2014-02-07 Sonic Zhangblackfin: Change SMC dcplb entry flag to cover 16M...
2014-02-07 Bob Liublackfin: init bss early
2014-02-07 Sonic Zhangblackfin: The logic of the BF609 macro is opposite.
2014-02-06 Tom Riniinclude/usb/s3c_udc.h: Add <asm/sizes.h>
2014-02-06 Tom RiniMerge branch 'fpga' of git://denx.de/git/u-boot-microblaze
2014-02-06 Michal Simekfpga: zynqpl: Add support for zc7015 device
2014-02-06 Novasys Ingenieriefpga: zynq: Correct fpga load when buf is not aligned
2014-02-06 Marek Vasutusb: mv_udc: Rename to ci_udc
2014-02-06 Lukasz Majewskiusb:gadget:f_thor: cosmetic: Remove debug memset
2014-02-06 Lukasz Majewskiusb:gadget:f_thor: Allocate request up to THOR_PACKET_S...
2014-02-06 Lukasz Majewskiusb:udc:samsung: Zero copy approach for data passed...
2014-02-06 Lukasz Majewskiusb:udc:samsung: Allow burst transfers for non EP0...
2014-02-06 Lukasz Majewskiusb:udc:samsung: Remove redundant cache operation from...
2014-02-06 Lukasz Majewskiusb:gadget:ums: Replace malloc calls with memalign...
2014-02-05 Tom Riniconfig: Fix line lengths in include/config_distro_defau...
2014-02-04 Dennis Gilmoreconfig: add config_distro_defaults.h
2014-02-04 Dennis Gilmorecmd_pxe.c add any option for filesystem with sysboot...
2014-02-04 Tom RiniMerge branch 'serial' of git://denx.de/git/u-boot-micro...
2014-02-04 Tom RiniMerge branch 'net' of git://denx.de/git/u-boot-microblaze
2014-02-04 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://denx.de/git/u-boot-micro...
2014-02-04 Tom RiniMerge branch 'clk' of git://denx.de/git/u-boot-microblaze
2014-02-04 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mpc85xx
2014-02-04 Stephen Warrenpxe: implement fdtdir extlinux.conf tag
2014-02-04 Stephen Warrenpxe: support "devicetree" tag
2014-02-04 Michal Simekserial: uartlite: Reset RX/TX in init
2014-02-04 Michal Simeknet: axi_emac: Check if phy was correctly detected
2014-02-04 Michal Simekmicroblaze: Add SPL support
2014-02-04 Michal Simekmicroblaze: Enable buffer write for NOR flashes
2014-02-04 Michal Simekmicroblaze: Report priviledged or stack protection...
2014-02-04 Michal Simekmicroblaze: Show u-boot banner
2014-02-04 Michal Simekcommon: Add new clk command
2014-02-03 Prabhakar Kushwahadriver/ifc:Change accessor function to take care of...
2014-02-03 Valentin Longchampkmp204x: initial support for PCIe FPGA configuration
2014-02-03 Valentin Longchampkmp204x: enable support for SPANSION SPI NOR
2014-02-03 Valentin LongchampKM: add the KM_UBI_PART_BOOT_OPTS #define
2014-02-03 Valentin Longchampkmp204x: update I2C field of RCW
2014-02-03 Valentin Longchampkmp204x: add support for the kmcoge4 board
2014-02-03 Valentin Longchampkmp204x: implement workaround for A-006559
2014-02-03 Rainer Boschungkmp204x: I2C deblocking support
2014-02-03 Valentin Longchampkmp204x: introduce QRIO GPIO functions
2014-02-03 Rainer Boschungkmp204x: support for QRIO1 bootcounter
2014-02-03 Priyanka Jainpowerpc/t104xrdb: Add basic ethernet support
2014-02-03 Nikhil Badolapowerpc/usb: Enable dual phy for T1040
2014-02-03 Prabhakar Kushwahapowerpc/t104xrdb: Update T1042RDB.h in config folder
2014-02-03 Priyanka Jainpowerpc/t104xrdb: Update T1040RDB.h in config folder
2014-02-03 Prabhakar Kushwahaboards/t1040qds: Adds ethernet support for T1040
2014-02-03 Prabhakar Kushwahapowerpc/mpc85xx: Update serdes protocols for T1040
2014-02-03 Prabhakar Kushwahapowerpc/mpc85xx:Fix README to show correct flash memory map
2014-02-03 Prabhakar Kushwahadriver/fsl_pci:Update print to display PCIe generation
2014-02-03 poonam aggrwalpowerpc/mpc85xx: Update LIODNs for T1040
2014-01-29 Ezequiel Garciaboard: nios2: Check if flash is configured before calli...
2014-01-29 Masahiro Yamadasandbox: Use system headers first for sandbox's os...
2014-01-28 ricknds32: add support for leopard and orca board boot...
2014-01-27 Fabio Estevamboards.cfg: Keep the entries sorted
2014-01-27 Alexey Brodkinboard_r - fixup functions table after relocation
2014-01-24 Dan Murphyarm: am43xx: Add USB spl boot support
2014-01-24 Dan Murphyspl: common: Support for USB MSD FAT image loading
2014-01-24 Dan Murphyspl: common: Move FAT funcs to a common file
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadapowerpc: mpc5xxx: remove redundant CONFIG_MPC5xxx defin...
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadaboard: delete meaningless serial.h
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadasandbox: fix the return type of os_free() function
2014-01-24 Masahiro YamadaARM: merge commonly-defined PLATFORM_RELFLAGS
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadapowerpc: mpc86xx: move CONFIG_MPC86xx definition to...
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadapowerpc: mpc85xx: move CONFIG_MPC85xx definition to...
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadapowerpc: mpc824x: remove redundant CONFIG_MPC824X defin...
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadapowerpc: mpc5xx: remove redundant CONFIG_5xx definition
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadapowerpc: mpc512x: remove redundant CONFIG_MPC512X defin...
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadapowerpc: mpc8xx: remove redundant CONFIG_8xx definition
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadapowerpc: mpc83xx: remove redundant CONFIG_MPC83xx defin...
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadapowerpc: ppc4xx: remove redundant CONFIG_4xx definition
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadaboard: tec-ng: Do not make directories in a board Makefile
2014-01-24 Masahiro Yamadadrivers: delete unused header files