2010-04-30 Minkyu KangMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2010-04-29 Asen Dimovpm9263 converted to at91 soc access
2010-04-28 Asen Dimovat91: define matrix registers bit fields
2010-04-28 Minkyu KangMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2010-04-24 Stefano BabicMX31: Removed erroneous board name from QONG
2010-04-24 Stefano BabicMX31: Add UBI support to QONG module
2010-04-24 Stefano BabicMX31: Support 128MB RAM on QONG module
2010-04-24 Stefano BabicMX31: Add support for NAND to QONG board
2010-04-24 Stefano BabicMX31: add pin definitions for NAND controller
2010-04-24 Stefano BabicMX31: add accessor function to get a gpio
2010-04-24 Stefano Babicmx51evk: correct list of possible BOOT_FROM values
2010-04-24 Stefano Babicmkimage: correct spelling error in imximage
2010-04-24 John RigbyMX25 print arm clock instead of mpllclk on boot
2010-04-22 Minkyu KangMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2010-04-21 Frans Meulenbroeksconfigs/openrd_base.h: reordered macros
2010-04-21 Frans Meulenbroeksconfigs/sheevaplug: added a few additional commands
2010-04-21 Siddarth GoreMarvell GuruPlug Board Support
2010-04-19 Minkyu KangMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2010-04-18 Stefano BabicMoved board specific values in config file
2010-04-18 Fabio EstevamMX51EVK: Remove CPLD related code
2010-04-18 Heiko Schocherarm, i.mx27: add support for magnesium board from proje...
2010-04-18 Heiko Schocherarm, mx27: add support for SDHC1 pin init
2010-04-17 Minkyu KangSAMSUNG: make s5p common gpio functions
2010-04-17 Minkyu KangSAMSUNG: serial: modify name from s5pc1xx to s5p
2010-04-16 Asen Dimovpm9263: remove CONFIG_CMD_AUTOSCRIPT
2010-04-16 Alexander Hollerat91: add defines for RTT and GPBR
2010-04-16 Asen Dimovpm9261: remove CONFIG_CMD_AUTOSCRIPT
2010-04-16 Asen Dimovpm9261 converted to at91 soc access
2010-04-16 trixARM Update mach-types
2010-04-14 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Add option for PPC440SPe ports without old...
2010-04-14 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: alpr: Remove some not needed commands to make...
2010-04-13 Peter TyserUpdate README to reflect new directory structure
2010-04-13 Peter Tysernios2: Move cpu/nios2/* to arch/nios2/cpu/*
2010-04-13 Peter Tysernios: Move cpu/nios/* to arch/nios/cpu/*
2010-04-13 Peter Tysersparc: Move cpu/leon[23] to arch/sparc/cpu/leon[23]
2010-04-13 Peter Tyseri386: Move cpu/i386/* to arch/i386/cpu/*
2010-04-13 Peter Tysermicroblaze: Move cpu/microblaze/* to arch/microblaze...
2010-04-13 Peter Tyseravr32: Move cpu/at32ap/* to arch/avr32/cpu/*
2010-04-13 Peter Tysermips: Move cpu/mips/* to arch/mips/cpu/*
2010-04-13 Peter Tyserblackfin: Move cpu/blackfin/* to arch/blackfin/cpu/*
2010-04-13 Peter Tyserm68k: Move cpu/$CPU to arch/m68k/cpu/$CPU
2010-04-13 Peter Tyserarm: Move cpu/$CPU to arch/arm/cpu/$CPU
2010-04-13 Peter Tysersh: Move cpu/$CPU to arch/sh/cpu/$CPU
2010-04-13 Peter Tyserppc: Move cpu/$CPU to arch/ppc/cpu/$CPU
2010-04-13 Peter TyserMove architecture-specific includes to arch/$ARCH/inclu...
2010-04-13 Peter TyserReplace "#include <asm-$ARCH/$FILE>" with "#include...
2010-04-13 Peter TyserMove libfdt/ into lib/
2010-04-13 Peter TyserRename lib_generic/ to lib/
2010-04-13 Peter TyserMove lib_$ARCH directories to arch/$ARCH/lib
2010-04-13 Peter TyserChange directory-specific CFLAGS to use full path
2010-04-13 Peter TyserCreate CPUDIR variable
2010-04-10 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-blackfin
2010-04-10 Jens ScharsigFIX: watchdog timeout, while waiting for input
2010-04-10 Detlev Zundelconfig_cmd_all.h: Sort entries alphabetically
2010-04-10 Frans Meulenbroeksconfig_cmd_all.h: added missing CONFIG_CMD_UBI and...
2010-04-09 karl.beldan... malloc: sbrk() should return MORECORE_FAILURE instead...
2010-04-09 Peter Tysermkimage: Fix strict-aliasing compiler warning
2010-04-09 Andre SchwarzAdd initial support for Matrix Vision mvSMR board based...
2010-04-09 Frans Meulenbroekscmd_bmp.c: add standard subcommand handling
2010-04-09 Albin Tonnerredrivers/mtd/spi/eeprom_m95xxx.c: add missing error...
2010-04-09 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-ubi
2010-04-09 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-usb
2010-04-09 Peter Tysercmd_ubi: Fix uninitialized variable warning
2010-04-08 Kim B. HeinoUSB storage probe
2010-04-08 Kim B. HeinoUSB storage count
2010-04-08 Sergei ShtylyovEHCI: add NEC PCI ID
2010-04-08 Sergei ShtylyovEHCI: fix port reset reporting
2010-04-08 Sergei ShtylyovEHCI: fix off-by-one error in ehci_submit_root()
2010-04-08 Sergei ShtylyovEHCI: fix root hub device descriptor
2010-04-08 Anatolij Gustschinvideo: ati_radeon_fb.c: fix warning while compiling...
2010-04-08 Ed Swarthoutati_radeon: Support PCI virtual not eq bus mapping.
2010-04-08 Ed Swarthoutati_radeon: return with error when emulator fails
2010-04-08 Anatolij Gustschinvideo: cfb_console.c: add support for RLE8 bitmaps
2010-04-07 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-cfi...
2010-04-07 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mpc85xx
2010-04-07 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-i2c
2010-04-07 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2010-04-07 Thomas Choucfi_flash: reset timer in flash status check
2010-04-07 Kumar Galappc/85xx: Use CONFIG_NS16550_MIN_FUNCTIONS to reduce...
2010-04-07 Timur Tabip2020ds: add alternate boot bank support using the...
2010-04-07 Timur Tabifsl: improve the PIXIS code and fix a few bugs
2010-04-07 Sandeep Gopalpet85xx: Set HID1[mbdd] on e500v2 rev5.0 or greater
2010-04-07 Kumar Gala85xx: Added various P1012/P1013/P1021/P1022 defines
2010-04-07 Kumar Galappc/8xxx: Delete PCI nodes from device tree if not...
2010-04-07 Brent KandetzkiBlackfin: IP04: new board port
2010-04-07 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: drop bfin #undef in linker script
2010-04-07 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: call watchdog_init() for external watchdogs
2010-04-07 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: link with normal ABI target
2010-04-07 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: sync ptrace headers with linux
2010-04-07 Harald KrapfenbauerBlackfin: cm-bf561: update network/env settings
2010-04-07 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: bf537-stamp: add board test defines
2010-04-07 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: relax .data alignment
2010-04-07 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: drop reference to gd->reloc_off
2010-04-07 Kumar Galafdt: Add fdt_del_node_and_alias helper
2010-04-07 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: disable NetBSD bootm support by default
2010-04-07 Kumar Gala85xx: Add defines for BUCSR bits to make code more...
2010-04-07 Dave Liufsl-ddr: change the default burst mode for DDR3
2010-04-07 Dave Liufsl-ddr: Fix the turnaround timing for TIMING_CFG_4
2010-04-07 Roy Zangfsl_esdhc: Only modify the field we are changing in WML
2010-04-07 Jerry Huangfsl_esdhc: Add function to reset the eSDHC controller