2011-07-04 Andreas Bießmannarm920t/at91: use new clock.c features
2011-07-04 Andreas Bießmannarm920t/at91: add clock.c
2011-07-04 Andreas Bießmannat91rm9200.h: fix ATMEL_PMX_AA_TXD2
2011-07-04 Fabio Estevamvision2: Fix build due to WEIM registers name change
2011-07-04 Fabio EstevamMX53: Add initial support for MX53ARD
2011-07-04 Fabio EstevamMX5: Introduce a function for setting the chip select...
2011-07-04 Fabio EstevamMX5: Add iomux structure
2011-07-04 Fabio EstevamMX5: Make the weim structure complete
2011-07-04 Matthias Weisserarm: Update jadecpu board
2011-07-04 Igor Grinbergarm: omap2: apollon: fix broken build
2011-07-04 John RigbyOMAP[34]: fix broken timer
2011-07-04 Tom Warrenarm: Tegra2: GPIO: enable GPIO for Tegra2 boards
2011-07-04 Tom WarrenGPIO: Tegra2: add GPIO driver for Tegra2
2011-07-04 David Müller... VCMA9: various cleanups/code style fixes
2011-07-04 David Müller... VCMA9: use CFI driver (and remove the old one)
2011-07-04 David Müller... VCMA9: remove unneeded config.mk
2011-07-04 Aneesh Varmv7: adapt s5pc1xx to the new cache maintenance framework
2011-07-04 Aneesh Varmv7: adapt omap3 to the new cache maintenance framework
2011-07-04 Aneesh Varmv7: adapt omap4 to the new cache maintenance framework
2011-07-04 Aneesh Varmv7: add PL310 support to u-boot
2011-07-04 Aneesh Varm: minor fixes for cache and mmu handling
2011-07-04 Aneesh Varmv7: integrate cache maintenance support
2011-07-04 Aneesh Varmv7: rename cache related CONFIG flags
2011-07-04 Aneesh Varmv7: cache maintenance operations for armv7
2011-07-04 Aneesh Varm: make default implementation of cache_flush() weakl...
2011-07-01 Kumar GalaMakefile: need to remove generated u-boot-nand_spl.lds
2011-07-01 Alex WatermanNAND: Add 16bit NAND support for the NDFC
2011-07-01 Ben Gardinercmd_nand: add nand write.trimffs command
2011-07-01 Ben Gardinernand_util: drop trailing all-0xff pages if requested
2011-07-01 Ben Gardinernand_util: treat WITH_YAFFS_OOB as a mode
2011-07-01 Ben Gardinernand_util: convert nand_write_skip_bad() to flags
2011-07-01 Ben Gardinernand_base: trivial: fix comment read/write comment
2011-07-01 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'next' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-nios
2011-06-30 Mike Frysingernios2: move generic config to boards.cfg
2011-06-29 Mike Frysingercfi_flash: reverse geometry for newer STM parts
2011-06-27 Wolfgang DenkPrepare v2011.06 v2011.06
2011-06-27 Wolfgang DenkMinor coding style fixes.
2011-06-25 Mike Frysingerusb: convert to partial linking
2011-06-25 Zhao Chenhuiehci-pci: Fix PCI EHCI driver for 36-bit
2011-06-25 Cliff Caimusb: process control messages after roothub accepted it
2011-06-23 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingenrun arm_pci_init after relocation
2011-06-23 Michael SchwingenIXP42x PCI rewrite
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingenupdate/fix PDNB3 board
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingenupdate/fix IXDP425 / IXDPG425 boards
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingenadd dvlhost (dLAN 200 AV Wireless G) board
2011-06-23 Michael SchwingenIXP NPE: add support for fixed-speed MII ports
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingenupdate/fix AcTux4 board
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingenupdate/fix AcTux3 board
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingenupdate/fix AcTux2 board
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingenupdate/fix AcTux1 board
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingenuse -ffunction-sections / --gc-sections on IXP42x
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingensupport CONFIG_SYS_LDSCRIPT on ARM
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingenfix "depend" target in npe directory
2011-06-23 Michael SchwingenFix IXP code to work after relocation was added
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingentrigger hardware watchdog in IXP42x serial driver
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingenadd support for IXP42x Rev. B1 and newer
2011-06-23 Michael Schwingenadd XScale sub architecture (IXP/PXA) to maintainer...
2011-06-22 Mike Frysingertools: make it possible to build tools unconfigured
2011-06-22 Ilya YanokMakefile: move $(VERSION_FILE) rule out of ifeq configured
2011-06-22 Ilya Yanokconfig.mk: move LDSCRIPT processing to the top-level...
2011-06-22 Wolfgang DenkARM: drop unsupported 'trab' board
2011-06-22 Wolfgang DenkPrepare v2011.06-rc3 v2011.06-rc3
2011-06-21 Sergey LapinBuild fix/update of AFEB9260
2011-06-21 andreas.devel... macb: fix compile warning
2011-06-21 andreas.devel... at91_emac: fix compile warning
2011-06-21 Eric Benardinclude/asm/arch-at91: update several .h files to ATMEL...
2011-06-21 Eric Benardcpuat91: fix board support
2011-06-21 Eric Benardcpu9260/9G20: fix board support
2011-06-21 Eric Benardarm926ejs/at91/lowlevel_init.S: fix defines
2011-06-21 Reinhard MeyerATMEL spi_dataflash driver - fix to build again
2011-06-21 Reinhard MeyerAT91 rework: fix TOP9000 files to build again
2011-06-21 Reinhard MeyerAT91 rework: fix at91sam(9260/9g20/9xe)ek board port...
2011-06-21 Ryan MallonAdd support for Bluewater Systems Snapper 9260/9G20...
2011-06-21 Jens Scharsigupdate arm/at91rm9200 work with rework rework110202
2011-06-21 Fabio Estevammx31pdk: Add DHCP command
2011-06-21 Helmut Raigermxc_spi.c: typo fixed
2011-06-21 Fabio Estevamimx31_phycore: Fix build by using new relocation scheme
2011-06-21 Fabio Estevammx1ads: Fix build by using new relocation scheme
2011-06-21 Stefano BabicMX31: QONG: drop config.mk
2011-06-21 Aneesh Vomap730p2: fix build breaks
2011-06-21 Aneesh Vomap2420h4: fix build breaks
2011-06-21 Aneesh Vomap1610inn: fix build breaks
2011-06-21 Aneesh Vomap1510inn: fix build breaks
2011-06-21 Aneesh Vomap5912osk: fix build breaks
2011-06-21 Aneesh Vomap1610h2: fix build breaks
2011-06-09 Timur Tabipowerpc/p1022ds: set the clock-frequency prop only...
2011-06-08 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2011-06-08 Minkyu KangSMDK6400: fix the compiler error
2011-06-07 Fabio Estevamimx27lite: Remove local config.mk
2011-06-07 Felix Radenskymx31ads: Fix environment location on flash
2011-06-07 Fabio Estevamimx31_litekit: Remove local config.mk
2011-06-06 Fabio Estevammx31litekit: Fix boot with the new relocation scheme.
2011-06-06 Fabio Estevammx31ads: Use the new relocation scheme
2011-06-03 Harald KrapfenbauerBlackfin: cm-bf537e/cm-bf537u/tcm-bf537: update embedde...
2011-06-03 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: boards: build zlib dir with -O2
2011-06-03 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: bf548-ezkit/bf561-ezkit: update env location
2011-06-03 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: use on-chip reset func with newer parts
2011-06-03 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: use common LDSCRIPT logic
2011-06-02 Wolfgang DenkPrepare v2011.06-rc2 v2011.06-rc2