2013-06-24 Gerhard Sittigac14xx: rephrase network boot config for development
2013-06-24 Gerhard Sittigac14xx: use the official product name everywhere
2013-06-24 Gerhard Sittigac14xx: remove obsolete board config items
2013-06-24 Gerhard Sittigac14xx: re-order the recovery condition checks
2013-06-24 Gerhard Sittigac14xx: minor improvement in diagnostics
2013-06-24 Gerhard Sittigac14xx: cleanup comments in the board support
2013-06-24 Gerhard Sittigac14xx: fix a potential NULL deref in diagnostics
2013-06-08 Daniel SchwierzeckMIPS: asm/errno.h: switch to asm-generic/errno.h
2013-06-08 Gabor JuhosMIPS: fix __raw_* IO accessors
2013-06-07 Gabor Juhospci: introduce CONFIG_PCI_INDIRECT_BRIDGE option
2013-06-07 Stephen Warrenfdt: remove unaligned access in fdt_fixup_ethernet()
2013-06-07 Masahiro Yamadageneric_board: reduce the redundancy of gd_t struct...
2013-06-07 Peter Korsgaardam335x: enable falcon boot mode for mmc (raw and fat...
2013-06-07 Peter Korsgaardspl_mmc: add Falcon mode support for raw variant
2013-06-07 Peter Korsgaardspl_mmc: mmc_load_image_raw(): Add sector argument
2013-06-07 Peter Korsgaardspl_mmc: add Falcon mode support for FAT variant
2013-06-07 Tom Rinidevkit8000: Add SPL_OS for MMC support
2013-06-07 Peter Korsgaardspl_mmc: mmc_load_image_fat(): Add filename argument...
2013-06-07 Peter Korsgaardspl_mmc: return error from mmc_load_image_{raw, fat...
2013-06-07 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-video
2013-06-07 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-nand...
2013-06-06 Stephen Warreninput: Finish simplifing key_matrix_decode_fdt()
2013-06-06 Tom Rinicheckpatch.pl: Add 'printf' to logFunctions
2013-06-06 Tom Riniam33xx/omap4+: Move SRAM_SCRATCH_SPACE_ADDR to <asm...
2013-06-05 Stephen WarrenARM: bcm2835: add simplefb DT node during bootz/m
2013-06-05 Stephen Warrenlcd: add functions to set up simplefb device tree
2013-06-05 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2013-06-05 Tom RiniMerge branch 'tpm' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-x86
2013-06-05 Tom Riniam33xx/omap: Move save_omap_boot_params to omap-common...
2013-06-04 Tom Riniam33xx: Correct NON_SECURE_SRAM_START/END
2013-06-04 Tom Riniomap-common/hwinit-common.c: Mark omap_rev_string as...
2013-06-04 Stephen Warrenfdt: allow bootdelay to be specified via device tree
2013-06-04 Stephen Warreninput: simplify key_matrix_decode_fdt()
2013-06-04 Stephen Warreninput: fix unaligned access in key_matrix_decode_fdt()
2013-06-04 Masahiro Yamadacommon: board_f: Do not call board_postclk_init twice
2013-06-04 Marek Vasutdisk: Fix possible out-of-bounds access in part_efi.c
2013-06-04 Simon Glasssandbox: image: Create a test for loading FIT images
2013-06-04 Simon Glassbootstage: Remove unused entries related to kernel...
2013-06-04 Simon Glasssandbox: image: Adjust FIT image printing to work with...
2013-06-04 Simon Glassimage: Use fit_image_load() to load kernel
2013-06-04 Simon Glasssandbox: Adjust bootm command to work with sandbox
2013-06-04 Simon Glassimage: Use fit_image_load() to load FDT
2013-06-04 Simon Glassimage: Use fit_image_load() to load ramdisk
2013-06-04 Simon Glassimage: Introduce fit_image_load() to load images from...
2013-06-04 Simon Glassmkimage: Add map_sysmem() and IH_ARCH_DEFAULT to simplf...
2013-06-04 Simon Glassbootstage: Introduce sub-IDs for use with image loading
2013-06-04 Simon Glassmain: Add debug_bootkeys to avoid #ifdefs
2013-06-04 Simon Glassmain: Add debug_parser() to avoid #ifdefs
2013-06-04 Simon Glassmain: Correct header order
2013-06-04 Simon Glassmain: Fix typos and checkpatch warnings in command...
2013-06-04 Simon Glassmain: Use get/setenv_ulong()
2013-06-04 Simon Glassmain: Move boot_delay code into its own function
2013-06-04 Simon Glassmain: Separate out the two abortboot() functions
2013-06-04 Simon Glassnet: Add prototype for update_tftp
2013-06-04 Simon Glassat91: Correct CONFIG_AUTOBOOT_PROMPT definition for...
2013-06-04 Sergey Lapinbug, nand, am33xx: nand->ecc.strength not set in board_...
2013-06-03 Tom Wai-Hong Tamtpm: Reorganize the I2C TPM driver
2013-06-03 Vincent Palatintpm: Add support for new Infineon I2C TPM (SLB 9645...
2013-06-03 Tom Wai-Hong Tamx86: config: Reflect the name changes of LPC TPM configs
2013-06-03 Che-liang Chioutpm: Rename generic_lpc_tpm to tpm_tis_lpc
2013-05-31 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-nand...
2013-05-31 Sergey Lapinmtd: resync with Linux-3.7.1
2013-05-30 Albert ARIBAUDarm: factorize relocate_code routine
2013-05-30 Albert ARIBAUDarm: do not compile relocate_code() for SPL builds
2013-05-30 Albert ARIBAUDtx25: copy SPL directly, not using relocate_code.
2013-05-30 Albert ARIBAUDmx31pdk: copy SPL directly, not using relocate_code.
2013-05-30 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2013-05-28 Axel Lintegra: Define CONFIG_SKIP_LOWLEVEL_INIT for SPL build
2013-05-28 Axel LinARM: arm720t: Add missing CONFIG_SKIP_LOWLEVEL_INIT...
2013-05-28 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: support SKU 7 of Tegra20
2013-05-28 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: support SKU 1 of Tegra114
2013-05-28 Stephen Warrentegra: always build u-boot-nodtb-tegra.bin
2013-05-28 Allen MartinTegra: clk: always use find_best_divider() for periph...
2013-05-28 Tom WarrenTegra: Remove unused/non-existent spl linker script...
2013-05-28 Tom WarrenTegra: T30: Beaver: Fix board/board_name env vars,...
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Clear L1 D-cache lock
2013-05-24 Ruchika GuptaSECURE BOOT - Removed deletion of TLB entries code
2013-05-24 Shaveta Leekhapowerpc/b4860qds: Add LAW Target ID and Create LAW...
2013-05-24 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/p5040: fix mdio mux for 10G port
2013-05-24 Poonam Aggrwalpowerpc/B4: Merge B4420 and B4860 in config_mpc85xx.h
2013-05-24 Xie Xiaobosf: spansion: Add support for S25FL128S
2013-05-24 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/p2041: fix serdes reference clock frequency...
2013-05-24 Shaveta Leekhapowerpc/b4860: fix for Serdes connectivity to SFP's
2013-05-24 Shengzhou Liupowerpc/t4240qds: fix PHY reset timeout issue
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/t4qds: Add SW7[4] in the DIP switch display
2013-05-24 Suresh GuptaEnable XAUI interface for B4860QDS
2013-05-24 Stephen Georgeboard/t4240qds, b4860qds: LAW/TLB for DCSR set to size 32M
2013-05-24 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/p5040: enable PBL tool support
2013-05-24 Ed Swarthoutpowerpc/t4qds: use clock measurement for sysclk and...
2013-05-24 Ed Swarthoutpowerpc/qixis: add clock measurement registers
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/mpc8xxx: Allow DDR overclock
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/chassis2: Change core numbering scheme
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/mpc8xxx: Add T1040 and variant SoCs
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/T4160: Merge T4160 and T4240 in config_mpc85xx.h
2013-05-24 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/p5040: enable NAND, SD, SPI boot support
2013-05-24 James YangAdd e6500 L2 replacement policy selection
2013-05-24 Shaohui XieT4240/ramboot: enable PBL tool for T4240
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/t4240qds: Add VDD override
2013-05-24 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: check if core is disabled for showing...
2013-05-24 Shaohui Xienet/phy: fix select line for TN80xx