2013-09-03 Albert ARIBAUDMerge 'u-boot-microblaze/zynq' into (u-boot-arm/master'
2013-09-02 Tom RiniPrepare v2013.10-rc2 v2013.10-rc2
2013-08-27 Tom Riniomap5: Correct include order, drop CONFIG_SYS_PROMPT...
2013-08-27 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-usb
2013-08-27 Heiko Schocheri2c: fix i2c dev command for not using new framework
2013-08-26 Jim Linconsole: usb: kbd: To fix slow TFTP booting
2013-08-26 Jim Linconsole: usb: kbd: To improve TFTP booting performance
2013-08-26 Jim LinNET: Add net_busy_flag if CONFIG_USB_KEYBOARD is defined
2013-08-26 Fabio Estevamusb: ehci-mx5: Use 'bool' instead of 'unsigned char'
2013-08-26 Fabio Estevamusb: ehci-mx5: Remove unneeded write to cscmr1 register
2013-08-26 Lukasz Majewskiusb:dfu:g_dnl: Refactoring the string definition code...
2013-08-26 Lukasz Majewskiusb:dfu:g_dnl: Change number of exported configurations...
2013-08-26 Heiko Schocherdfu, nand, ubi: add partubi alt settings for updating...
2013-08-26 Julius Wernerusb: Use well-known descriptor sizes when parsing confi...
2013-08-26 Dan MurphyARM: OMAP5-uevm: Add usb device reset API
2013-08-26 Dan MurphyUSB: usb-hub: Add a weak function for resetting devices
2013-08-26 Dan MurphyARM: OMAP5-uevm: Add USB MAC ethernet address
2013-08-26 Dan MurphyARM: OMAP5-uevm: Add USB ehci support for the uEVM
2013-08-26 Dan MurphyARM: OMAP: USB: Fix linker error when ULPI is not defined
2013-08-26 Dan MurphyARM: OMAP5: USB: Add OMAP5 common USB EHCI information
2013-08-26 Dan Murphyomap5: uevm: Change the board name to correct name
2013-08-22 Phil Sutterenv_nand.c: support falling back to redundant env when...
2013-08-22 Masahiro Yamadanand_util: delete a useless variable
2013-08-22 Masahiro Yamadacmd_nand: Do not show usage when scrub is aborted
2013-08-22 Masahiro Yamadacmd_nand: slight optimization of nand_dump function
2013-08-22 Masahiro Yamadacmd_nand: fix a memory leak in nand_dump function
2013-08-21 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mpc85xx
2013-08-21 York SunMakefile: Fix build in a separated directory tree
2013-08-20 Николай ПузановFix for incorrect conversion hex string to number ...
2013-08-20 Shengzhou Liupowerpc/sec: Add workaround for SEC A-003571
2013-08-20 Shengzhou Liupowerpc/p1010rdb: fix calculating ddr_freq_mhz
2013-08-20 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/t4240: add QSGMII interface support
2013-08-20 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/t4240: fix lanes routing for QSGMII protocols
2013-08-20 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/common/vsc3316: remove const from vsc3316_confi...
2013-08-20 Shruti Kanetkarpowerpcv2: Print hardcoded size like print_size() does
2013-08-20 Shruti Kanetkarpowerpc: Use print_size() where appropriate
2013-08-20 York SunSPDX-License-Identifier: clean up license header
2013-08-20 Prabhakar Kushwahapowerpc: Fix CamelCase checkpatch warnings
2013-08-20 Ying Zhangpowerpc: p1022ds: add TPL for p1022ds nand boot
2013-08-20 Ying ZhangTPL : introduce the TPL based on the SPL
2013-08-20 Ying Zhangpowerpc : p1022ds : Enable p1022ds to start from eSPI...
2013-08-20 Ying Zhangpowerpc : spi flash : Support to start from eSPI with SPL
2013-08-20 Ying Zhangpowerpc: p1022ds: Enable P1022DS to boot from SD Card...
2013-08-20 Ying Zhangpowerpc: mpc85xx: Support booting from SD Card with SPL
2013-08-20 Ying Zhangpowerpc: deleted unused symbol CONFIG_SPL_NAND_MINIMAL...
2013-08-20 Ying Zhangspl: env_common.c: make CONFIG_SPL_BUILD contain functi...
2013-08-20 Matthias Fuchsppc4xx: Remove support for PPC405CR CPUs
2013-08-20 Matthias Fuchsppc4xx: Remove CANBT board
2013-08-20 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-i2c
2013-08-20 Łukasz Majewskipmic:i2c: Replace legacy I2C_SET_BUS macro with i2c_set...
2013-08-20 Łukasz Majewskii2c:samsung: Adjust Trats, GONI and Universal_c210...
2013-08-20 Łukasz Majewskii2c:multibus:fix: Correct I2C_MULTI_BUS value when...
2013-08-20 Chunhe Lanfsl_i2c: add workaround for the erratum I2C A004447
2013-08-20 Chunhe Lanfsl_i2c: generate nine pulses on SCL if the I2C bus...
2013-08-19 Joel FernandesSPL: Makefile: Build a separate autoconf.mk for SPL
2013-08-19 Tom RiniPrepare v2013.10-rc1 v2013.10-rc1
2013-08-19 Wolfgang DenkSPDX-License-Identifier: convert BSD-3-Clause files
2013-08-19 Wolfgang Denkboard/esd/cpci750/mv_eth.c: Fix license
2013-08-19 Wolfgang DenkSPDX-License-Identifier: convert PIBS licensed files
2013-08-19 Wolfgang DenkSPDX-License-Identifier: fixing some problematic GPL...
2013-08-19 Wolfgang DenkSPDX-License-Identifier: convert GPL-2.0+ / BSD-2-Claus...
2013-08-19 Kuo-Jung Sunet: ftmac110: Update tx/rx descriptor format
2013-08-19 Kuo-Jung Sunet: ftmac110: struct ftmac110_regs __iomem * -> struct...
2013-08-19 Kuo-Jung Sunet: ftmac110: Update license statement
2013-08-19 Jeroen Hofsteenet.h: don't use the reserved name __unused
2013-08-19 Tom Rinilinkstation_HGLAN: Convert from unused CONFIG_BOOTP_MAS...
2013-08-19 Tom Rinigalaxy5200: Convert from unused CONFIG_BOOTP_MASK to...
2013-08-19 Tom Riniconfigs: Remove unused CONFIG_BOOTP_DEFAULT
2013-08-19 Bhupesh Sharmanet: phy/realtek: Add support for RTL8211DN and RTL8211...
2013-08-19 Stefan Roesenet: smsc95xx: Add support for another SMSC95xx variant
2013-08-19 Axel Linnet: Use ARRAY_SIZE at appropriate places
2013-08-19 Fabio Estevamphy: smsc: LAN8710/8720 are not Gbit PHYs
2013-08-19 Axel Linserial: arm_dcc: Convert to use default_serial_puts
2013-08-19 Dirk Eibachpowerpc/ppc4xx: Fix dlvision-10g reset gpio
2013-08-19 Dirk Eibachpowerpc/ppc4xx: Do full iocon PHY initialization in...
2013-08-19 Dirk Eibachpowerpc/ppc4xx: Add support for iocon-2
2013-08-19 Dirk Eibachpowerpc/ppc4xx: Add support for iocon fiber
2013-08-18 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-08-17 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-imx/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2013-08-16 Axel Lingpio: pca953x: Use ARRAY_SIZE instead of reinventing it
2013-08-16 York Suntools/Makefile: Move _GNU_SOURCE to Makefile
2013-08-16 Simon Glassimage: Display FIT timestamp when booting
2013-08-16 Paul B. Hensonbootm: fix conditional controlling call to fixup_silent...
2013-08-16 Simon GlassRFC: bootm: Add silent_linux environment variable
2013-08-16 Taras KondratiukSPL: Limit image name print length
2013-08-16 Angus AinslieEnable xmodem support
2013-08-15 TENART AntoineAdd TI816X evm board support
2013-08-15 TENART AntoineAdd TI816X support
2013-08-15 TENART AntoinePrepare for TI816X : reuse existing code from TI814X
2013-08-15 Heiko Schocherarm, da850: add ipam390 board support
2013-08-15 Heiko Schocherarm, da850: enable the correct uart in arch_cpu_init()
2013-08-15 Heiko Schocherbootstage: get more BOOTSTAGE_ID* in show_boot_progress()
2013-08-15 Heiko Schocherarm/davinci/da850: add uart0_pins_rtscts and RMII_MHz_5...
2013-08-15 Tom RiniTI:armv7: Enable CONFIG_CMD_GPIO
2013-08-15 Tom RiniTI:armv7: Enable CONFIG_CMD_SPI
2013-08-15 Tom RiniTI:omap5/dra7xx: Convert to ti_armv7_common.h
2013-08-15 Tom RiniTI:am33xx: Create common config files for TI ARMv7...
2013-08-15 Tom Riniam335x_evm: Bring in 'boot_fdt' logic from i.MX
2013-08-15 Tom Riniarm: spl: For Falcon Mode, set a default machid of ~0
2013-08-15 Tom Riniam335x_evm: Use default baud rate table