2012-09-01 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'agust@denx.de' of git://git.denx.de/u...
2012-09-01 Wu, Joshat91: 9x5: Enable PMECC for 5series ek board.
2012-09-01 Wu, Joshat91: 9x5: change SMC config timing that both works...
2012-09-01 Wu, Joshat91: atmel_nand: Update driver to support Programmable...
2012-09-01 Wu, Joshat91: atmel_nand: remove unused variables.
2012-09-01 Wu, Joshat91: atmel_nand: extract HWECC initialization code...
2012-09-01 Bo Shenatmel: at91sam9x5: add spi flash boot support
2012-09-01 Bo Shenarm: sam9g10/sam9m10g45: remove CONFIG_ARCH_CPU_INIT
2012-09-01 Andreas Bießmannarm:at91-boards: remove console_init_f where unnecessary
2012-09-01 Andreas Bießmannat91sam9263ek: remove unnecessary console_init_f
2012-09-01 Bo Shenspi: atmel: add WDRBT bit to avoid receive overrun
2012-09-01 Bo Shenatmel: at91sam9x5: fix name error for spi
2012-09-01 Bo ShenTake over the maintainer for sam9g10 and sam9m10g45
2012-09-01 Bo Shenarm : at91sam9x5 : fix a small bug for NAND
2012-09-01 Xu, HongAT91: Small fix on AT91 USART initialization code
2012-09-01 Andreas Bießmannat91sam9263ek: fix 'update' script
2012-09-01 Bo ShenARM : at91sam9x5 : Remove CONFIG_ARCH_CPU_INIT
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaufsl_esdhc: Remove cache snooping for i.MX
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumxc: Define architecture identifier
2012-09-01 Stefano BabicMX5: efikamx: substitutes GPIO_NUMBER with IMX_GPIO_NR
2012-09-01 Ashok Kumar... mx5:Use IMX_GPIO_NR macro
2012-09-01 Matt Sealeyefikamx: sync Smartbook DDR settings in DCD with those...
2012-09-01 Matt Sealeyefikamx: update to Efika MX Smarttop and Smartbook...
2012-09-01 fabio.estevam... mxs: Convert timeout parameter to 'unsigned int'
2012-09-01 Matt Sealeyefikamx: update MAINTAINERS for Genesi Efika MX systems
2012-09-01 Matt Sealeyefikamx: configure Smarttop PCBID and LED pads in DCD...
2012-09-01 Matt Sealeyefikamx: remove drive strength function and roll its...
2012-09-01 Matt Sealeyefikamx: move and rename Efika MX directories and confi...
2012-09-01 Marek VasutMX28: m28evk: Enable SPI DMA
2012-09-01 Marek VasutMX28: m28evk: Align SSP clock speed
2012-09-01 Marek VasutMX28: SPI: Supercharge the SPI driver
2012-09-01 Marek VasutMX28: DMA: Prolong the DMA timeout
2012-09-01 Marek VasutMX28: DMA: Align the struct mxs_dma_desc
2012-09-01 Ashok Kumar... mx6qarm2:Use IMX_GPIO_NR macro
2012-09-01 tremimx27lite: update with gpio api change (v4)
2012-09-01 tremgpio: add gpio api support to mx27 (v4)
2012-09-01 Matt Sealeymx5: add iomux-mx51.h include
2012-09-01 Otavio Salvadormxs: Rename 'mx28_dram_init' to 'mxs_dram_init'
2012-09-01 Otavio Salvadormxs: Only build internal Ethernet controller for i...
2012-09-01 Otavio Salvadormxs: Replace i.MX233 by i.MX23 on copyright header
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumxc: Make gpio_get_value() use PSR
2012-09-01 Fabio Estevammx53ard: Use IMX_GPIO_NR macro
2012-09-01 Fabio Estevammx51evk: Use IMX_GPIO_NR macro
2012-09-01 Fabio Estevammx53loco: Use IMX_GPIO_NR macro
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx35: Remove declaration of non-existing function
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx35: Move clock enums to clock.h
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx35: Remove declaration of non-existing function
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx35: Fix broken pin definitions
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx35 iomux: Remove unused macro
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx5: Undeclare imx_decode_pll()
2012-09-01 Stefano BabicMX: Set a common gpio.h for all i.MX
2012-09-01 Fabio Estevammxs: Use correct function name to initialize dram
2012-09-01 Fabio Estevammx28evk: Remove unneeded 'undef'
2012-09-01 Otavio SalvadorMX28: Move "regs-base.h" include after SoC type configu...
2012-09-01 Otavio SalvadorMX28: config: Allow different target generation in...
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx35: Add cpu_mmc_init()
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx5/6: Fix cpu_mmc_init() return value
2012-09-01 Matt Sealeyspi: fix mxs_spi_slave structure allocation to clear...
2012-09-01 Matt Sealeyspi: fix mxc_spi_slave structure allocation to clear...
2012-09-01 Troy Kiskymx53evk: add boot_mode support
2012-09-01 Troy Kiskymx6qsabrelite: add boot_mode support
2012-09-01 Troy Kiskyimx-common/cmd_bmode.c: add imx bmode (bootmode) command
2012-09-01 Troy Kiskyiomux: move IOMUX_GPR13_xxx defines
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx35: Remove duplicate GPIO3_BASE_ADDR
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx5: cosmetic: Clean up lowlevel_init
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx5/6 timer: Round up tick_to_time() value
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx3: Fix typo on IPU_CONF_CSI_EN
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx35: Fix typo on EDIO
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx5: Enable dcache
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumx25: Enable dcache
2012-09-01 Benoît Thébaudeaumxc_spi: Round up clock divider
2012-09-01 tremrtc: add support of mx27 rtc
2012-09-01 Marek VasutMX28: Shuffle around the power management code
2012-09-01 Marek VasutMX28: Drop the cp15 reconfiguration from SPL
2012-09-01 Vikram Narayanantx25: Use generic gpio_* calls
2012-09-01 Otavio Salvadormxs: Convert sys_proto.h prefixes to 'mxs'
2012-09-01 Otavio Salvadormxs: rename regs-clkctrl.h to regs-clkctrl-mx28.h
2012-09-01 Otavio Salvadormxs: Remove not required include of iomux-mx28.h
2012-09-01 Otavio Salvadormxs: Remove not required explicit iomux-mx28.h include
2012-09-01 Fabio Estevamapx4devkit: Turn on caches
2012-09-01 Fabio Estevamm28evk: Turn on caches
2012-09-01 Łukasz Majewskiarm:cache:trats: Enable PL310 L2 Cache Controller at...
2012-09-01 Łukasz Majewskiarm:exynos: Enable data cache at exynos based processors.
2012-09-01 Donghwa Leevideo: support exynos pwm backlight driver
2012-09-01 Donghwa Leevideo: exynos fb driver supports display port feature
2012-09-01 Donghwa Leevideo: add dp_enabled variable in vidinfo structure
2012-09-01 Donghwa Leevideo: support exynos display port drivers
2012-09-01 Donghwa LeeEXYNOS5: add display port base address
2012-09-01 Donghwa LeeEXYNOS5: support display port phy control function
2012-09-01 Donghwa LeeEXYNOS5: support display system register control
2012-09-01 Donghwa LeeEXYNOS5: support exynos5 lcd clock control
2012-09-01 Donghwa Leevideo: support exynos fimd driver for various exynos...
2012-09-01 Jaehoon ChungARM: EXYNOS: fixed compiler warning message
2012-09-01 Zhong Hongboarm/s5pxx: Fix get_timer_masked to get the time.
2012-09-01 Łukasz Majewskiarm:trats: loaduimage environment variable defied for...
2012-09-01 Rajeshwari... SMDK5250: Enable UART and MMC for Exynos5250 Rev 1.0
2012-09-01 Rajeshwari... EXYNOS5 : Modify pinnumx settings as per Exynos5250...
2012-09-01 Rajeshwari... EXYNOS5: CLOCK: Add BPLL support
2012-09-01 Rajeshwari... EXYNOS5: CLOCK: Modify MPLL clock out for Exynos5250...
2012-09-01 Rajeshwari... Exynos5: DDR3: Add DDR3 memory setup for Exynos5250...