2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx53: check 'video_mode' variable before calling...
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx53: delay GPIO initialization untill after...
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkaro: kconfig: update TX53 Kconfig
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkconfig: set 'default y' for all CMD_* options defined...
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkconfig: add Kconfig options for CONFIG_BOOTP_* settings
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkaro: configs: add missing quotes to CONFIG_SYS_EXTRA_O...
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkconfig: add Kconfig option for CMD_MII
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkconfig: add Kconfig option for CMD_ROMUPDATE
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkconfig: add Kconfig option for LCD
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkconfig: move 'Environment configuration settings'...
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkconfig: remove duplicate symbol CMD_DNS introduced...
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkconfig: add Kconfig options for MXS and MXC OCOTP...
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkconfig: add Kconfig options for PARTITIONS
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannlib: add Kconfig option for LIB_RAND
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkaro: config: enable CONFIG_GENERIC_BOARD
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkaro: config: update config files
2015-06-15 Lothar Waßmannkaro: configs: update defconfig files
2015-03-09 Lothar Waßmannupdate to 2015.04-rc1
2015-03-04 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6: improve pad ctrl for SD card interfaces
2015-03-04 Lothar Waßmannkaro: mmc: fix file read from eMMC partition
2015-03-04 Lothar Waßmannmtd: nand: omap_gpmc: support reading metadata from OOB
2015-03-04 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6: enable FDT support for MFG U-Boot build
2015-03-04 Lothar Waßmannkaro: tx6: Cleanup PMIC code
2015-03-04 Lothar Waßmannkaro: merge with Ka-Ro specific tree for secure boot...
2015-02-02 Tom RiniPrepare v2015.04-rc1
2015-02-02 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-ti
2015-02-02 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-blackfin
2015-02-02 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-sunxi
2015-02-02 Siarhei Siamashkasunxi: mmc: Add 'sunxi_' prefix to the static functions
2015-02-02 Siarhei Siamashkasunxi: dram: Support more sun[457]i dram parameters...
2015-02-02 Siarhei Siamashkasunxi: dram: Optionally use standard JEDEC timings...
2015-02-02 Hans de Goedesunxi: video: Force h/vsync active high when using...
2015-02-02 Michal Suchaneksunxi: Add Inet 86VS support
2015-02-02 Paul Kocialkowskisunxi: TZX-Q8-713B7 support
2015-02-02 Adam Sampsonsunxi: Add Linksprite_pcDuino3_Nano board / defconfig
2015-02-02 Hans de Goedesunxi: MAINTAINERS: sort entries alphabetically
2015-02-02 Hans de Goedesunxi: rsb: Move rsb_set_device_mode() call to rsb_init()
2015-02-02 Hans de Goedesunxi: rsb: Add sun9i (A80 support)
2015-02-02 Hans de Goedesunxi: Remove CONFIG_TARGET_FOO for sun5i and sun7i...
2015-02-02 Hans de Goedesunxi: Add a GMAC Transmit Clock Delay Chain Kconfig...
2015-02-02 Hans de Goedesunxi: Convert sun5i boards to use auto dram configuration
2015-02-02 Hans de Goedesunxi: Hyundai_A7HD_defconfig fix USB vbus pin config
2015-02-02 Hans de Goedesunxi: Only enable i2c support in the SPL when needed
2015-01-31 Tom RiniMerge branch 'patman' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-x86
2015-01-31 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-net
2015-01-30 Simon Glasspatman: Explain how to make doc/git-mailrc work
2015-01-30 Simon Glasssandbox: Fix README to indicate that vendor name is...
2015-01-30 Scott Woodpatman: Check commit_match before stripping leading...
2015-01-30 Peter Tyserpatman: Make dry-run output match real functionality
2015-01-30 Simon Glasssandbox: Add a -D option to use a default device tree
2015-01-30 Simon Glasssandbox: Correct cros-ec keyboard definition
2015-01-30 Alexey Brodkinnet/designware: add error message on DMA reset timeout
2015-01-30 Philippe De... net: phy: micrel: add support for KSZ8895 switch in...
2015-01-30 Yoshinori SatoAdd MS7206SE ethernet support
2015-01-30 Claudiu Manoilnet: tsec: Fix NULL access in case init_phy() fails
2015-01-30 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mips
2015-01-30 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-dm
2015-01-30 Peng FanARM: armv7 fix spelling of SCTRL
2015-01-30 Michal Simekfpga: Extend dump description
2015-01-30 Linus Walleijvexpress64: support the Juno Development Platform
2015-01-30 Linus Walleijvexpress64: get rid of CONFIG_SYS_EXTRA_OPTIONS
2015-01-30 Dennis Gilmoreadd README.distro file
2015-01-30 Minghuan Liandrivers/pci/pci_rom.c: fix compile warning under 64bit...
2015-01-30 Minghuan Liandrivers/net/e1000.c: fix compile warning under 64bit...
2015-01-30 Chris Kuethearm: switch armltd vexpress to GENERIC_BOARD
2015-01-30 Stephen Warrendistro_bootcmd: read DHCP boot script name from a variable
2015-01-30 Bin Mengcmd: Fix gettime command help
2015-01-30 Daniel SchwierzeckMIPS: unify CPU code in arch/mips/cpu/
2015-01-30 Daniel SchwierzeckMIPS: move au1x00 SoC code to arch/mips/mach-au1x00
2015-01-30 Paul BurtonMIPS: handle mips64 ST0_KX bit in mips32 start.S
2015-01-30 Paul BurtonMIPS: handle mips64 relocs in mips32 start.S
2015-01-30 Paul BurtonMIPS: use asm.h macros in mips32 start.S
2015-01-30 Simon Glassdm: cros_ec: Convert cros_ec_i2c over to driver model
2015-01-30 Simon Glassdm: i2c: Add two more I2C init functions to the compati...
2015-01-30 Simon Glassdm: exynos: dts: Set the offset length for cros_ec
2015-01-30 Simon Glassdm: i2c: dts: Support an offset-len device tree property
2015-01-30 Przemyslaw... exynos5: enable dm i2c
2015-01-30 Przemyslaw... odroid u3: enable dm i2c support
2015-01-30 Przemyslaw... odroid u3: dts: add missing i2c aliases
2015-01-30 Przemyslaw... dm: i2c: s3c24x0: adjust to dm-i2c api
2015-01-30 Przemyslaw... exynos5: pinmux: check flag for i2c config
2015-01-30 Przemyslaw... arndale: dts: add missing i2c aliases
2015-01-30 Przemyslaw... exynos4: dts: add missing i2c properties
2015-01-30 Przemyslaw... smdk5250: config: enable max77686 driver support
2015-01-30 Przemyslaw... exynos5250: config: disable max77686 driver
2015-01-30 Przemyslaw... arndale: config: disable max77686 support
2015-01-30 Przemyslaw... dm: i2c-uclass-compat: fix missed argument
2015-01-30 Ruchika Guptarsa: Use checksum algorithms from struct hash_algo
2015-01-30 Ruchika GuptaUse hash.c in mkimage
2015-01-30 Ruchika Guptahash: Add function to find hash_algo struct with progre...
2015-01-30 Ruchika Guptalib/rsa: Add Kconfig for devices supporting RSA Modular...
2015-01-30 Ruchika GuptaDM: crypto/fsl - Add Freescale rsa DM driver
2015-01-30 Ruchika Guptalib/rsa: Modify rsa to use DM driver
2015-01-30 Ruchika Guptaconfigs: Move CONFIG_FIT_SIGNATURE to defconfig
2015-01-30 Ruchika GuptaDM: crypto/rsa_mod_exp: Add rsa Modular Exponentiation...
2015-01-30 Ruchika GuptaFIT: Modify option FIT_SIGNATURE in Kconfig
2015-01-30 Ruchika Guptarsa: Split the rsa-verify to separate the modular expon...
2015-01-30 Martin DorwigExport redesign
2015-01-30 Simon Glassdm: Update documentation for new bus features
2015-01-30 Simon Glassdm: cros_ec_spi: Remove old pre-driver-model code