2013-06-24 Heiko Schocherdfu, nand: before write a buffer to nand, erase the...
2013-06-21 Scott Woodnand: Don't call adjust_size_for_badblocks for erase
2013-06-18 Daniel Schwierzeckmtd: nand: fix initialization of BBT options
2013-06-17 Mike Dunnmtd: nand/docg4: fix driver after Linux resync
2013-06-17 Simon Glassimage: Use ENOENT instead of ENOMEDIUM for better compa...
2013-06-14 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://denx.de/git/u-boot-mmc
2013-06-14 Tom RiniPrepare v2013.07-rc1 v2013.07-rc1
2013-06-13 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: make use of negative ENV_OFFSET on NVIDIA...
2013-06-13 Stephen Warrenenv_mmc: allow negative CONFIG_ENV_OFFSET
2013-06-13 Stephen Warrenmmc: report capacity for the selected partition
2013-06-13 Stephen WarrenREADME: document CONFIG_ENV_IS_IN_MMC
2013-06-13 Andrew Gabbasovfsl_esdhc: Do not clear interrupt status bits until...
2013-06-13 Fabio Estevammmc: fsl_esdhc: Fix hang after 'save' command
2013-06-13 Ruud Commandeurmmc write bug fix
2013-06-13 Jagannadha... mmc: sdhci: Enable 8-bit bus width only for 3.0 spec...
2013-06-13 Bo Shenmmc: fix env in mmc with redundant compile error
2013-06-13 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-spi
2013-06-13 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2013-06-13 Jagannadha... sf: winbond: Correct the nr_blocks used for W25Q32DW
2013-06-13 Jagannadha... sf: winbond: Add support for W25Q80BW
2013-06-13 Jagannadha... sf: spansion: Update the name for S25FL256S flash
2013-06-13 Axel Linspi: tegra20_sflash: Remove redundant code to set bus...
2013-06-13 Axel Linspi: tegra114_spi: Convert to use spi_alloc_slave()
2013-06-13 Axel Linspi: armada100_spi: Remove unnecessary NULL test for...
2013-06-12 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-usb
2013-06-12 Sergey Yanovicharm: pxa: config option for PXA270 turbo mode
2013-06-12 Sergey Yanovicharm: pxa: Add support for ICP DAS LP-8x4x
2013-06-12 Heiko Schocherusb, composite: after unregister gadget driver set...
2013-06-12 Stephen Warrenusb: ehci: add missing cache managment
2013-06-12 Kuo-Jung Suusb: gadget: add Faraday FOTG210 USB gadget support
2013-06-12 Kuo-Jung Suusb: ehci: add Faraday USB 2.0 EHCI support
2013-06-12 Kuo-Jung Suusb: hub: make minimum power-on delay configurable
2013-06-12 Kuo-Jung Suusb: ehci: add weak-aliased function for PORTSC
2013-06-12 Kuo-Jung Suusb: ehci: prevent bad PORTSC register access
2013-06-12 Vivek Gautamusb: gadget: Use unaligned access for wMaxPacketSize
2013-06-12 Vivek Gautamusb: Use get_unaligned() in usb_endpoint_maxp() for...
2013-06-12 Julius Wernerusb: asix: Move software resets to basic_init
2013-06-12 Simon Glassusb: Correct CLEAR_FEATURE code in ehci-hcd
2013-06-12 Vincent Palatinusb: workaround non-working keyboards.
2013-06-12 Vincent Palatinusb: properly re-initialize the USB keyboard.
2013-06-11 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-74xx-7xx
2013-06-11 Marek Vasutppc: ppmc7xx: Fix possible out-of-bound access
2013-06-11 Scott Woodpowerpc: fix 8xx and 82xx type-punning warnings with...
2013-06-10 Masahiro Yamadacosmetic: arm: fix comments in arch/arm/lib/crt0.S
2013-06-10 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-ti/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2013-06-10 Holger Brunckarm/km: make local functions static
2013-06-10 Vishwanathrao... arm: da830: moved pinmux configurations to the arch...
2013-06-10 Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7: Add Maintainer
2013-06-10 Lubomir PopovOMAP5: Enable access to auxclk registers
2013-06-10 Lubomir PopovARM: OMAP: I2C: New read, write and probe functions
2013-06-10 Tom Riniarm: Remove OMAP2420H4 and all omap24xx support
2013-06-10 Vishwanathrao... da830: add MMC support
2013-06-10 Lubomir PopovARM: OMAP5: Power: Add more functionality to Palmas...
2013-06-10 Sricharan RARM: DRA7xx: EMIF: Change settings required for EVM...
2013-06-10 Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7xx: clocks: Update PLL values
2013-06-10 Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7xx: Update pinmux data
2013-06-10 Balaji T Kmmc: omap_hsmmc: Update pbias programming
2013-06-10 Sricharan RARM: DRA7xx: Correct SRAM END address
2013-06-10 Sricharan RARM: DRA7xx: Correct the SYS_CLK to 20MHZ
2013-06-10 Sricharan RARM: DRA7xx: Change the Debug UART to UART1
2013-06-10 Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7xx: Do not enable srcomp for DRA7xx Soc's
2013-06-10 Nishanth MenonARM: OMAP5: DRA7xx: support class 0 optimized voltages
2013-06-10 Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7xx: clocks: Fixing i2c_init for PMIC
2013-06-10 Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7xx: power Add support for tps659038 PMIC
2013-06-10 Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7xx: Add control id code for DRA7xx
2013-06-10 Lokesh VutlaARM: OMAP4+: pmic: Make generic bus init and write...
2013-06-10 Lokesh VutlaARM: OMAP2+: Rename asm/arch/clocks.h asm/arch/clock.h
2013-06-10 Sricharan RARM: OMAP5: clocks: Do not enable sgx clocks
2013-06-10 Lokesh VutlaARM: OMAP4+: Cleanup header files
2013-06-10 Lubomir PopovOMAP5: Fix bug in omap5_es1_prcm struct
2013-06-10 Andrii TseglytskyiOMAP5: add ABB setup for MPU voltage domain
2013-06-10 Andrii TseglytskyiOMAP3+: introduce generic ABB support
2013-06-10 Joel A Fernandesam33xx: Board: Make CPSW section of ethernet initializa...
2013-06-08 Daniel SchwierzeckMIPS: asm/errno.h: switch to asm-generic/errno.h
2013-06-08 Gabor JuhosMIPS: fix __raw_* IO accessors
2013-06-08 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-imx/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2013-06-07 Gabor Juhospci: introduce CONFIG_PCI_INDIRECT_BRIDGE option
2013-06-07 Stephen Warrenfdt: remove unaligned access in fdt_fixup_ethernet()
2013-06-07 Masahiro Yamadageneric_board: reduce the redundancy of gd_t struct...
2013-06-07 Peter Korsgaardam335x: enable falcon boot mode for mmc (raw and fat...
2013-06-07 Peter Korsgaardspl_mmc: add Falcon mode support for raw variant
2013-06-07 Peter Korsgaardspl_mmc: mmc_load_image_raw(): Add sector argument
2013-06-07 Peter Korsgaardspl_mmc: add Falcon mode support for FAT variant
2013-06-07 Tom Rinidevkit8000: Add SPL_OS for MMC support
2013-06-07 Peter Korsgaardspl_mmc: mmc_load_image_fat(): Add filename argument...
2013-06-07 Peter Korsgaardspl_mmc: return error from mmc_load_image_{raw, fat...
2013-06-07 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-video
2013-06-07 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-nand...
2013-06-06 Tom WarrenARM: tegra: only enable SCU on Tegra20
2013-06-06 Fabio Estevamvf610twr: Drop unneeded 'status' variable
2013-06-06 Stephen Warreninput: Finish simplifing key_matrix_decode_fdt()
2013-06-06 Fabio EstevamARM: imx: Fix incorrect usage of CONFIG_SYS_MMC_ENV_PART
2013-06-06 Tom Rinicheckpatch.pl: Add 'printf' to logFunctions
2013-06-06 Tom Riniam33xx/omap4+: Move SRAM_SCRATCH_SPACE_ADDR to <asm...
2013-06-05 Stephen WarrenARM: bcm2835: add simplefb DT node during bootz/m
2013-06-05 Stephen Warrenlcd: add functions to set up simplefb device tree
2013-06-05 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2013-06-05 Tom RiniMerge branch 'tpm' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-x86
2013-06-05 Tom Riniam33xx/omap: Move save_omap_boot_params to omap-common...
2013-06-04 Tom Riniam33xx: Correct NON_SECURE_SRAM_START/END