2014-01-09 Markus Niebelmmc: add setdsr support
2014-01-09 Darwin Rambommc: Minor cleanup of sdhci.c
2014-01-09 Alexey Brodkinmmc/dwmmc: use bounce buffer for data exchange between...
2014-01-08 Lubomir PopovARM: omap5_uevm: Enable 8-bit eMMC access
2014-01-08 Chin Liang Seemmc/dwmmc: Using calloc instead malloc
2014-01-08 Lad, Prabhakarinclude/mmc.h: Remove declaration for spl_mmc_load()
2014-01-06 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mpc85xx
2014-01-06 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-onenand
2014-01-02 Prabhakar Kushwahaboard/t1040qds: Enable memory reset control
2014-01-02 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/b4860/pbl: fix rcw cfg
2014-01-02 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/t4240: enable NAND boot support
2014-01-02 Scott Woodpowerpc/cms700: limit NAND data structure size
2014-01-02 Shengzhou Liupowerpc/t208x: fix macro CONFIG_SYS_FSL_NUM_USB_CTRLS
2014-01-02 York Sunpowerpc/B4860QDS: Define new nand_ecclayout structure...
2014-01-02 York Sunpowerpc/P1022DS: Define new nand_ecclayout structure...
2014-01-02 Priyanka Jainpowerpc/mpc85xx: Add support for single source clocking
2014-01-02 Prabhakar Kushwahaboard/t1040qds: Relax IFC FPGA timings
2014-01-02 Prabhakar Kushwahaboard/freescale:Remove use of CONFIG_SPL_NAND_MINIMAL
2014-01-02 Prabhakar Kushwahaboard/t1040qds: Fix typo in t1040_pbi.cfg file
2013-12-31 Marek Vasutmtd: onenand: Fix unaligned access
2013-12-20 Tom RiniPowerPC: Drop linkstation_HGLAN support
2013-12-20 Łukasz MajewskiARM: Samsung: Change GONI and Universal_C210 maintainers.
2013-12-19 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-spi
2013-12-19 Poddar, Souravdriver: mtd: sf_ops: claim bus while doing memcpy
2013-12-19 Poddar, Souravconfig: dra7_evm: Add Bank Address Register(BAR) config
2013-12-18 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-nand...
2013-12-18 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-usb
2013-12-18 Marek Vasutusb: ehci: Fix register access
2013-12-18 Marek Vasutusb: ehci: Do not de-init uninited controllers
2013-12-18 Marek Vasutusb: ehci-pci: Clarify and cleanup the EHCI controller...
2013-12-18 Lukasz MajewskiARM: trats: dfu: Enable default Poll Timeout for Trats...
2013-12-18 Lukasz Majewskiusb: f_dfu: cosmetic: Code cleanup
2013-12-18 Lukasz Majewskiusb: dfu: f_dfu: Provide infrastructure to adjust DFU...
2013-12-18 Lukasz Majewskidfu: Export allocated dfu buffer size
2013-12-18 Yen Linspi: tegra: clear RDY bit prior to every transfer
2013-12-18 Nobuhiro Iwamatsuspi: Add support SH Quad SPI driver
2013-12-18 Luka Perkovsf: probe: add support for MX25L2006E
2013-12-18 Luka Perkovsf: probe: Hex values are in lower case
2013-12-18 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: fix broken pipe error for lcd4_lwmon5 board
2013-12-18 Bo ShenMakefile: fix the typo error for mrproper
2013-12-18 Yoshihiro Shimodaserial_sh: add support for SH7753
2013-12-18 Yoshihiro Shimodanet: sh-eth: add support for SH7753
2013-12-18 Yoshihiro Shimodash: add support for sh7753evb board
2013-12-17 Nikita Kiryanovmtd: nand: omap: fix ecc ops assignment when changing ecc
2013-12-17 Nikita Kiryanovmtd: nand: omap: fix sw->hw->sw ecc switch
2013-12-17 Tom Rininand_util.c: Use '%zd' for length in nand_unlock debug...
2013-12-17 Nikita Kiryanovmtd: nand: omap: fix HAM1_SW ecc using default value...
2013-12-17 Stefan Roesemtd: nand: omap_gpmc: cosmetic: Fix indentation
2013-12-17 pekon guptamtd: nand: omap: fix ecc-layout for HAM1 ecc-scheme
2013-12-16 Tom RiniPrepare v2014.01-rc2 v2014.01-rc2
2013-12-16 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-video
2013-12-16 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-blackfin
2013-12-16 Masahiro YamadaMakefile, .gitignore: Cleanup non-existing binaries
2013-12-16 Masahiro Yamadaexamples: x86: delete 82559_eeprom
2013-12-16 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: Select objects by CONFIG_ rather than $(ARCH...
2013-12-16 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: delete unnecessary lines
2013-12-16 Miao YanREADME.vxworks: add a document describing the new VxWor...
2013-12-16 Miao Yancommon/fdt_support.c: avoid unintended return from...
2013-12-16 Miao Yancommon/cmd_bootm: extend do_bootm_vxworks to support...
2013-12-16 Sonic Zhangblackfin: remove build warning
2013-12-16 Sonic Zhangblackfin: fixing warning by including proper headers
2013-12-16 Sonic Zhangblackfin: fix building error by enlarging the memory...
2013-12-16 Sonic Zhangblackfin: Disable commands to reduce l1 ram requirement
2013-12-16 Sonic Zhangblackfin: fix building error by adding macro CONFIG_SYS_I2C
2013-12-16 Sonic Zhangblackfin: fix build error by adding CONFIG_BFIN_SERIAL
2013-12-13 Miao Yancommon/config_defaults.h: make CONFIG_BOOTM_VXWORKS...
2013-12-13 Miao Yancommon/cmd_bootm.c: seperate do_bootm_vxworks related...
2013-12-13 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: delete unnecessary CPPFLAGS settings
2013-12-13 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: Move some scripts imported from Linux
2013-12-13 Masahiro Yamadadrivers/mtd: descend into sub directories only when...
2013-12-13 Masahiro Yamadadrivers/usb/gadget: select objects by obj-$(CONFIG...
2013-12-13 Masahiro Yamadapost: descend only when CONFIG_HAS_POST is defined
2013-12-13 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: delete a make rule of $(LDSCRIPT)
2013-12-13 Alexey Brodkinboard_f: explicitly disable console on early boot
2013-12-13 Stany MARCELCorrect vxWorks elf boot to load at correct address
2013-12-13 Masahiro Yamada.gitignore: ignore spl/ and tpl/ directories except...
2013-12-13 Masahiro YamadaPowerPC: merge commonly-defined flags
2013-12-13 Kees Jongenburgernetbsd:fix documentation typo.
2013-12-13 Masahiro Yamadaspl/Makefile: merge LIBS-y += arch/$(ARCH)/imx-common
2013-12-13 Tom Riniyaffs2: Use lldiv for 64bit division
2013-12-13 Tom RiniJFFS2: Correct jffs2_1pass_build_lists to use lldiv
2013-12-13 Tom RiniARM:PXA: Correct tick_to_time / us_to_tick to use lldiv
2013-12-13 Tom RiniARM:zynq: Correct __udelay to use lldiv
2013-12-13 Stephen Warrentime: fix usec_to_tick()
2013-12-13 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: correct dependencies of asm-offsets.[hs]
2013-12-13 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: use two double-quotations as a pair
2013-12-13 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: Do not create empty autoconf.mk on error
2013-12-13 Guilherme Maciel... sandbox: dumpimage: Test dumpimage
2013-12-13 Guilherme Maciel... Add dumpimage, a tool to extract data from U-Boot images
2013-12-13 Guilherme Maciel... tools: moved code common to all image tools to a separa...
2013-12-13 Guilherme Maciel... mkimage: added 'static' specifier to match function...
2013-12-13 Vladimir Zapolskiykgdb: configs: remove obsolete CONFIG_KGDB_SER_INDEX
2013-12-13 Vladimir Zapolskiyserial: lpc32xx: send CR before LF
2013-12-11 Prabhakar Kushwahapowerpc/mpc85xx: Update CONFIG_SYS_FSL_TBCLK_DIV for...
2013-12-11 Claudiu Manoilpowerpc/p1_p2_rdb_pc: Fix warnings for __iomem pointers
2013-12-11 Shengzhou Liunet/fman: add ft_fixup_xgec to support 3rd and 4th...
2013-12-11 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/t4240: Add a frequency setting case for fman1
2013-12-10 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm
2013-12-10 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2013-12-10 Tom RiniMerge branch 'spi' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-x86