2013-05-10 Gerald Van... Move FDT_RAMDISK_OVERHEAD from fdt.h to libfdt_env.h
2013-05-10 Justin SobotaAdded license header to dtc/libfdt/fdt.h and libfdt_env.h
2013-05-10 François RevolFix typo
2013-05-10 Simon GlassExport fdt_stringlist_contains()
2013-05-10 Tom RiniMerge branch 'patman' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-x86
2013-05-10 Stefan Kristianssonopenrisc: move board linker script(s) to a common in...
2013-05-10 Stefan Kristianssonopenrisc: specify a memory region for u_boot_lists
2013-05-10 Egbert Eichfs/ext4: Support device block sizes != 512 bytes
2013-05-10 Anatolij GustschinFix references to the documentation files
2013-05-09 Michal Simekpatman: Do not hardcode python path
2013-05-09 Simon Glassbuildman: Allow conflicting tags to avoid spurious...
2013-05-09 Lucian Cojocarenv: throw an error when an empty key is used
2013-05-09 Marek Vasutbuild: Pull -DBUILD_TAG into separate ifdef
2013-05-09 Michal Simekgpio: Add support for microblaze xilinx GPIO
2013-05-09 Michal Simekmicroblaze: bootm: Add support for loading initrd
2013-05-09 Michal Simekmicroblaze: bootm: Fix coding style issues
2013-05-08 Kuan-Yu Kuonds32: Use sections header to obtain link symbols
2013-05-07 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://denx.de/git/u-boot-mmc
2013-05-06 Fabio Estevammmc: fsl_esdhc: Use calloc()
2013-05-06 Jaehoon Chungmmc: sdhci: return error when failed add_sdhci().
2013-05-06 Vipin Kumarsdhci: Add sdhci support for spear devices
2013-05-06 Davide Bonfantidavinci, mmc: Added a delay reading ext CSD register
2013-05-06 Che-Liang Chioummc: Split device init to decouple OCR-polling delay
2013-05-06 Vivek Gautamusb: common: Use a global definition for 'min3'
2013-05-06 Vivek Gautamusb: fix: Fixing Port status and feature number constants
2013-05-06 Vivek Gautamusb: hub: Parallelize power-cycling of root-hub ports
2013-05-05 Bo ShenUSB: ohci-at91: make OHCI work on at91sam9g10 SoC
2013-05-05 Vivek GautamUSB: SS: Add support for Super Speed USB interface
2013-05-05 Vivek Gautamusb: hub: Fix enumration timeout
2013-05-05 Vivek Gautamusb: Update device class in usb device's descriptor
2013-05-05 Vivek Gautamusb: hub: Power-cycle on root-hub ports
2013-05-05 Vivek GautamUSB: Some cleanup prior to USB 3.0 interface addition
2013-05-05 Vivek Gautamusb: common: Weed out USB_**_PRINTFs from usb framework
2013-05-05 Julius Wernerusb: Add new command to set USB 2.0 port test modes
2013-05-05 Jim LinUSB: EHCI: Add weak functions to support new chip
2013-05-03 Tom RiniP1022DS: Set CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZE directly
2013-05-02 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mpc85xx
2013-05-02 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/85xx: set USB2 default mode to 'device' for...
2013-05-02 Xu Jiuchengpowerpc/p1_p2_rdb_pc: Add a pin to reset the DDR chip...
2013-05-02 Cristian Sovaialapowerpc/mpc85xx: Changed LIODN offset values
2013-05-02 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Extend workaround for erratum DDR_A003...
2013-05-02 Shengzhou Liupowerpc/p1010rdb: add readme document for p1010rdb
2013-05-02 Shengzhou Liupowerpc/p1010rdb: Change flexcan compatible string
2013-05-02 Timur Tabipowerpc/85xx: add SerDes bank 4 lanes
2013-05-02 Zhicheng Fanqoriq/p1_p2_rdb_pc: USB device-tree fixups for P1020
2013-05-02 Poonam Aggrwaldoc/ramboot.mpc85xx: Documented the RAMBOOT for MPC85xx
2013-05-02 Prabhakar Kushwahapowerpc/mpc85xx:IFC Errata A003399 is not valid for...
2013-05-02 Horst Kronstorfermpc85xx: Fix a compiler warning when CONFIG_WATCHDOG...
2013-05-02 Xuleipowerpc/85xx: Add workaround for errata USB-14 (enable...
2013-05-02 Liu Gangpowerpc/b4860qds: Add the tlb entries for SRIO interfaces
2013-05-02 Zang Roy-R61911fman/mEMAC: set SETSP bit in IF_MODE regisgter for...
2013-05-02 Tang Yuantianpowerpc/mpc85xx: set clock-frequency for T4/B4 clockgen...
2013-05-02 Shengzhou Liupowerpc/b4860: Adding workaround errata A-005871
2013-05-02 Liu Gangpowerpc/b4: Fix the wrong register offset of B4 PCIE...
2013-05-02 Matthew McClintockpowerpc/p1022ds: Add support for NAND and NAND boot...
2013-05-02 Dongsheng.wang... powerpc/mpc85xx: add setting of clock-frequency for...
2013-05-02 Jeffrey Ladouceurpowerpc/mpc85xx: Add revision properties in portal...
2013-05-02 Jiang Binboard/freescale/common/cds_pci_ft.c: Fix rotate wrong...
2013-05-02 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-mpc5xxx
2013-05-02 Stefan Roesempc5200: a3m071/a4m2k: Miscellaneous updates and fixes
2013-05-02 Stefan Roesempc5200: a3m071/a4m2k: Fix problem with increased globa...
2013-05-02 Stefan Roesempc5200: a3m071/a4m2k: Enable flash verify option
2013-05-02 Anatolij Gustschinmpc512x: remove dead code
2013-05-01 Tom Riniomap5_uevm: Enable redundant MMC environment
2013-05-01 Tom Rinimx28evk: Guard NAND-related ENV defines with CONFIG_ENV...
2013-05-01 Michael Heimpoldenv_mmc: add support for redundant environment
2013-05-01 Andreas Bießmannlib: consolidate hang()
2013-05-01 Andreas Bießmanntx25: add CONFIG_SPL_LIBGENERIC_SUPPORT
2013-05-01 Andreas Bießmannmx31pdk: add CONFIG_SPL_LIBGENERIC_SUPPORT
2013-05-01 Andreas Bießmannnios2: fix style in board.c.
2013-05-01 Andreas Bießmannmicroblaze: fix style in board.c
2013-05-01 Egbert Eichpart/dev_desc: Add log2 of blocksize to block_dev_desc...
2013-05-01 Egbert Eichfs/fat: Don't multiply fatsize with sector size
2013-05-01 Egbert Eichdisk/iso: Add Support for block sizes > 512 byte to...
2013-05-01 Egbert Eichdisk/gpt: Fix GPT partition handling for blocksize...
2013-05-01 Egbert Eichdisk/part_dos: check harder for partition table
2013-05-01 Simon Glassmmc: Define a constant for the maximum block size
2013-05-01 Wolfgang Denkamcc-common.h: enable support for "env grep", "setexpr...
2013-05-01 Wolfgang Denkamcc-common.h: minor white space cleanup
2013-05-01 Wolfgang Denkm28evk: enable "env grep" and regexp support
2013-05-01 Wolfgang Denkm28evk: white space cleanup
2013-05-01 Wolfgang Denksetexpr: add regex substring matching and substitution
2013-05-01 Wolfgang Denksetexpr: simplify code, improve help message
2013-05-01 Wolfgang Denk"env grep" - add support for regular expression matches
2013-05-01 Wolfgang DenkAdd SLRE - Super Light Regular Expression library
2013-05-01 Wolfgang Denk"env grep" - add options to grep in name, value, or...
2013-05-01 Wolfgang Denk"env grep" - reimplement command using hexport_r()
2013-05-01 Wolfgang Denkhashtable: preparations to use hexport_r() for "env...
2013-05-01 Peter Korsgaardspl_mmc: cleanup variable types
2013-05-01 Simon Glasssandbox: config: Enable CONFIG_FIT and CONFIG_CMD_FIT
2013-05-01 Simon Glasssandbox: fs: Add support for saving files to host files...
2013-05-01 Simon Glassfs: Add support for saving data to filesystems
2013-05-01 Simon Glasssandbox: Support 'source' command
2013-05-01 Simon Glasssandbox: Allow -c argument to provide a command list
2013-05-01 Simon GlassRevert "fdt- Tell the FDT library where the device...
2013-05-01 Simon Glassfdt: Skip checking FDT if the pointer is NULL
2013-05-01 Simon Glasssandbox: fdt: Support fdt command for sandbox
2013-05-01 Simon Glassfdt: Allow fdt command to check and update control FDT
2013-05-01 Simon GlassAdd getenv_hex() to return an environment variable...
2013-05-01 Simon Glassfdt: Add a parameter to fdt_valid()