2013-04-12 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-ti/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2013-04-12 Fabio Estevammx31pdk: Remove watchdog support
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm: Make all linker scripts compatible with per-symbol...
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm1176: Remove unused MMU setup from start.S
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm: Remove deprecated and now unused NAND SPL
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm: Remove support for unused s3c64xx
2013-04-12 Benoît ThébaudeauRevert "mkconfig: start deprecating Makefile config...
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm: Remove support for smdk6400
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauimx: Add u-boot-with-nand-spl.imx make target
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauimx: Add u-boot-with-spl.imx make target
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeau.gitignore: Add /SPL
2013-04-12 Benoît ThébaudeauMakefile: Move SHELL setup to config.mk
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm: Remove unused relocate_code() parameters
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm926ejs: Remove deprecated and now unused NAND SPL
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeaunand: mxc: Switch NAND SPL to generic SPL
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauimx: Fix automatic make targets for imx images
2013-04-12 Benoît ThébaudeauMakefile: Change CONFIG_SPL_PAD_TO to image offset
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauautoconfig.mk: Make it possible to define configs from...
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm: crt0.S: Remove bogus .globl
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm: relocate_code(): Use __image_copy_end for end...
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm: relocate_code(): Remove useless relocation offset...
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm1136: Remove redundant relocate_code() return
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm: relocate_code() is no longer noreturn
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauarm: start.S: Fix _TEXT_BASE for SPL
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeaunand: mxc: Use appropriate page number in syndrome...
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeaunand: mxc: Fix debug trace in mxc_nand_read_oob_syndrome()
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauimx: mx53ard: Add support for NAND Flash
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeauimx: mx5: lowlevel_init: Simplify code
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeaunand: mxc: Add support for i.MX5
2013-04-12 Benoît Thébaudeaunand: mxc: Prepare to add support for i.MX5
2013-04-12 Fabio Estevammtd: nand: mxc_nand: Fix is_16bit_nand()
2013-04-12 Fabio Estevammtd: nand: Introduce CONFIG_SYS_NAND_BUSWIDTH_16BIT
2013-04-10 Jon Hunteromap5912-osk: Fix get_timer() and CONFIG_SYS_HZ
2013-04-10 Jon Hunteromap5912-osk: Increase flash partition for u-boot
2013-04-10 Jon Hunteromap5912-osk: Fix device initialisation
2013-04-10 Jon Hunteromap5912-osk: Fix booting from NOR flash
2013-04-10 Jon Hunteromap5912-osk: Fix DRAM initialisation
2013-04-10 Tom Riniomap5_uevm: Correct to 2MiB aligned partitions on eMMC
2013-04-10 Lubomir PopovOMAP4: Fix bug in omap4460_volts struct
2013-04-10 Tom Riniam335x: Update timings for the beaglebone again
2013-04-09 Tom Riniam335x/ti814x: Correct MMC_BOOT_DEVICES_START/END
2013-04-08 Tom Riniomap5_common.h: Use fallback CONFIG_SYS_BAUDRATE_TABLE
2013-04-08 Tom Riniomap5_uevm.h: Move uEVM-specific choices to omap5_uevm.h
2013-04-08 Tom RiniOMAP3/4/5/AM33xx: Correct logic for checking FAT or...
2013-04-08 Lokesh Vutlaarm: omap4: Fix SDRAM AUTO DETECTION
2013-04-08 Lubomir PopovOMAP: Fix copy-paste bug that did not enable UART4...
2013-04-08 Tom Rinidoc/feature-removal-schedule.txt: Add CONFIG_SYS_(CLOCK...
2013-04-08 SRICHARAN RARM: OMAP4/5: Make bootz as the default boot command
2013-04-08 SRICHARAN RARM: OMAP4/5: Change the default boot command to work...
2013-04-08 Nishanth Menonomap5: Allow use of a plain text env file
2013-04-08 SRICHARAN RARM: OMAP5: Set fdt_high to enable booting with Device...
2013-04-08 SRICHARAN RARM: OMAP5: Rename omap5_evm to omap5_uevm
2013-04-08 Hunter, Jonomap2420-h4: Fix get_timer() and CONFIG_SYS_HZ
2013-04-08 Hunter, Jonomap2420-h4: Add device tree support
2013-04-08 Hunter, Jonomap2420-h4: Fix booting from NOR flash
2013-04-08 Hunter, Jonomap2420-h4: Fix DRAM initialisation
2013-04-08 Andreas Bießmanntricorder: enable hw assisted BCH8 in SPL and u-boot
2013-04-08 Andreas Bießmannomap_gpmc: add support for hw assisted BCH8
2013-04-08 Andreas Bießmannomap_gpmc: change nandecc command
2013-04-08 Andreas Bießmannomap3/omap_gpmc.h: add ooblayout for BCH8 as in kernel
2013-04-08 Andreas Bießmannasm/omap_gpmc.h: consolidate common defines
2013-04-08 Andreas Bießmannomap3/cpu.h: add BCH support
2013-04-08 Manfred Huberomap3_beagle: Flush UART3 xmit on enable if TEMT is...
2013-04-08 Tom Riniam335x: Enable MMC1 clock
2013-04-08 Lars Poeschelpcm051: Enable DDR PHY dynamic power down bit
2013-04-08 Bin Liumusb: set MUSB speed based on CONFIG
2013-04-08 Bin Liumusb: am335x: disable bulk split-combine feature
2013-04-05 Josh Wulogo: update to the new logo for ATMEL
2013-04-04 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-samsung/master' into 'u-boot-arm...
2013-04-04 Minkyu Kangexynos: change indentation of defines in cpu.h
2013-04-04 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-imx/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2013-04-04 Dirk Behmespi: mxc_spi: Fix ECSPI reset handling
2013-04-04 Stephen WarrenARM: bcm2835: fix get_timer() to return ms
2013-04-03 Javier Martinez... i.MX6: mx6qsabrelite: README: don't pass chip-select...
2013-04-03 Fabio Estevamwandboard: Remove CONFIG_SYS_FSL_USDHC_NUM
2013-04-03 Fabio Estevammx6qsabrelite: Remove duplicate 'mmc dev'
2013-04-03 Fabio Estevamwandboard: Remove duplicate 'mmc dev'
2013-04-03 Fabio Estevammx6: Fix get_board_rev() for the mx6 solo case
2013-04-03 Alexandre Pereira... mx23_olinuxino: Fix netboot console
2013-04-03 Abbas Razammc: i.MX6: fsl_esdhc: Define maximum bus width support...
2013-04-03 Otavio Salvadormx23_olinuxino: Change definitions to use spaces instea...
2013-04-03 Benoît Thébaudeaumx25pdk: Enable imxdi RTC
2013-04-03 Fabio Estevammx6qsabrelite: README: No need to pass 'u-boot.imx'
2013-04-03 Fabio Estevammx28evk: Introduce a new target for saving env vars...
2013-04-03 Otavio Salvadormx6qsabre{sd,auto}: Add boot mode select
2013-04-03 Otavio Salvadormx6qsabresd: Fix card detection for invalid card id...
2013-04-03 Otavio Salvadormx6qsabresd: Document the mapping of USDHC[2-4]
2013-04-01 Akshay SaraswatExynos: pwm: Remove dead code of function exynos5_get_p...
2013-04-01 Padmavathi... Exynos: pwm: Use generic api to get pwm clk freq
2013-04-01 Padmavathi... Exynos: clock: Correct pwm source clk selection
2013-04-01 Padmavathi... Exynos: clock: Add generic api to get the clk freq
2013-04-01 Padmavathi... Exynos: Add peripherial id for pwm
2013-04-01 Gabe BlackExynos: Tidy up the pwm_config function in the exynos...
2013-04-01 Gabe BlackExynos: Avoid a divide by zero by specifying a non...
2013-04-01 Gabe BlackExynos: pwm: Fix two bugs in the exynos pwm configurati...
2013-04-01 Che-Liang ChiouExynos: Add timer_get_us function
2013-04-01 Simon GlassExynos: Change get_timer() to work correctly
2013-04-01 Akshay SaraswatExynos5: config: enable time command
2013-03-29 Akshay SaraswatExynos5: clock: Fix a typo bug in exynos clock init
2013-03-29 Akshay SaraswatExynos: config: Enable hash command