2014-07-23 Markus NiebelAdd TQ Systems TQMa6 board support
2014-07-23 Heiko Schocherarm, imx6: add aristainetos board
2014-07-23 Heiko Schocherspi: add config option to enable the WP pin function...
2014-07-23 Heiko Schocheri.MX6: add enable_spi_clk()
2014-07-23 Heiko Schocherpwm, imx6: add support for pwm modul on imx6
2014-07-23 Heiko Schocheri.MX6: define struct pwm_regs and PWMCR_* defines
2014-07-23 Heiko Schocherimx6: add gpr2 usb_otg_id iomux select control define
2014-07-23 Marek Vasutarm: mxs: Scrub useless ifdef
2014-07-23 Fabio Estevammx6: Adjust the GPR offset for mx6solox
2014-07-23 Fabio Estevammx6: Remove duplication of iomuxc structure
2014-07-23 Fabio Estevammx6sxsabresd: Add PFUZE100 PMIC support
2014-07-23 Fabio Estevammx6: soc: Do not apply the PFD erratum for mx6solox
2014-07-23 Iain Patonembestmx6boards: convert to generic board
2014-07-16 Stefano BabicMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot
2014-07-14 Tom RiniPrepare v2014.07 v2014.07
2014-07-14 Pavel Macheksocfpga: timer actually counts down
2014-07-14 Lokesh VutlaARM: DRA7xx: Update the board_name env variable
2014-07-14 Masahiro Yamadaboards.cfg: change "<none>" in the board field to "-"
2014-07-14 Masahiro Yamadaboards.cfg: keep it sorted filling the board field
2014-07-11 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://denx.de/git/u-boot-imx
2014-07-10 Fabio Estevammx6sx: Add initial support for mx6sxsabresd board
2014-07-10 Fabio Estevammx6: clock: Do not enable sata and ipu clocks
2014-07-10 Fabio Estevammx6sx: Add pin definitions
2014-07-10 Fabio Estevammx6: Add support for the mx6solox variant
2014-07-10 Eric Nelsoni.MX6DL/S: add drive-strength back to pads DISP0_DAT2...
2014-07-09 Felipe Balbiusb: phy: omap_usb_phy: implement usb_phy_power() for...
2014-07-09 Felipe Balbiusb: host: xhci: make sure to power up PHY
2014-07-09 Michal Simekdoc: Add zynq fragment to git-mailrc file
2014-07-09 Lokesh VutlaARM: OMAP4/5: Change omap4_sdp/panda and omap5_uevm...
2014-07-09 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://denx.de/git/u-boot-imx
2014-07-09 Fabio Estevammx6: soc: Update the comments of set_ldo_voltage()
2014-07-09 Andre RenaudMX6: Correct calculation of PLL_SYS
2014-07-09 Lothar RubuschARM: m53evk: Update default environment
2014-07-09 Marek VasutARM: m53evk: Adjust mtdparts settings
2014-07-09 Marek VasutARM: m53evk: add needed commands and options
2014-07-09 Lothar RubuschARM: m28evk: Update default environment
2014-07-09 Marek VasutARM: m28evk: Adjust mtdparts
2014-07-09 Marek VasutARM: m28evk: add needed commands and options
2014-07-08 Tom RiniMerge branch 'tom' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-x86
2014-07-08 Tyler BakerTI:omap3: enable CONFIG_CMD_DHCP for omap3_beagle
2014-07-07 Alexey Ignatovkmake: include DTB section into u-boot.bin if CONFIG_OF...
2014-07-07 Ian Campbellgit-mailrc: Add sunxi custodians.
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachfit: make sha256 support optional
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachboard: gdsys: Remove commands to reduce footprint
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachboard: iocon: Modify iocon hardware startup
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachboard: gdsys: Enable scrambling on DP501
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachboard: gdsys: Make gdsys osd hardware detection more...
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachboard: gdsys: Configure bridge on DP501 to support...
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachboard: gdsys: Increase iocon and dlv10g version string
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachboard: gdsys: Fix dlvision-10g I2C configuration
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachi2c: IHS I2C master driver
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachboard: iocon: Support DisplayPort hardware
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachboard: controlcenterd: Use new API for setting i2c bus
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachboard: gdsys: Adapt sdhc_boot.c to mmc_get_env_addr...
2014-07-07 Dirk Eibachboard: controlcenterd: Fix pci access
2014-07-07 Masahiro Yamadablackfin, powerpc: remove redundant definitions of...
2014-07-07 Vasili Galkablackfin: Add more dcache functions
2014-07-07 Vasili Galkablackfin: Fix warning about undefined function
2014-07-07 Vasili Galkam68k: Fix incorrect memory access on M5235
2014-07-07 Vasili Galkam68k: Fix bug, "address of" operator was forgotten
2014-07-07 Masahiro Yamadampc8xx: remove spc1920 board support
2014-07-07 Masahiro Yamadampc8xx: remove v37 board support
2014-07-07 Masahiro Yamadampc8xx: remove fads board support
2014-07-07 Masahiro Yamadampc8xx: remove netta, netta2, netphone board support
2014-07-07 Masahiro Yamadampc8xx: remove rbc823 board support
2014-07-07 Masahiro Yamadampc8xx: remove RPXlite_dw, quantum board support
2014-07-07 Masahiro Yamadampc8xx: remove qs850, qs860t board support
2014-07-07 Jeroen Hofsteetpm: don't use unneeded double brackets
2014-07-07 Jeroen Hofsteevcma9/lowlevel_init.S: trivial: terminate comment
2014-07-07 Wu, JoshREADME: document CONFIG_ENV_IS_IN_SPI_FLASH
2014-07-07 Wu, Joshenv_fat: use get_device_and_partition() during env...
2014-07-07 Cooper Jr.... am43xx: Tune the system to avoid DSS underflows
2014-07-07 Franklin S... am43xx: Update EMIF DDR3 Configuration for AM43x GP
2014-07-07 Tom Rinidoc/README.falcon: Clarify steps slightly.
2014-07-07 Felipe Balbiboard: ti: dra7xx: add mux data for UART3
2014-07-07 Masahiro Yamadabuild: define CPU only when arch/${ARCH}/cpu/${CPU...
2014-07-07 Wu, JoshREADME: document the CONFIG_ENV_IS_IN_FAT option
2014-07-07 Masahiro YamadaMakefile: drop arch/*/include/asm/proc from make mrprop...
2014-07-07 Jeroen HofsteeARM: emif4: wait for CM_DLL_READYST to be set
2014-07-07 Simon GlassAvoid using gawk-specific strtonum()
2014-07-07 Masahiro Yamadabuildman: fix toolchain priority_list
2014-07-07 Masahiro Yamadabuildman: fix to display warning message for missing...
2014-07-07 Masahiro Yamadacosmetic: doc: update README.generic-board
2014-07-07 Simon Glasspatman: Only apply patches when we know the original...
2014-07-07 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-i2c
2014-07-05 Chin Liang Seesocfpga: Relocate arch common functions away from board
2014-07-05 Linus Walleijintegrator: switch to generic board
2014-07-05 Stephen WarrenARM: rpi_b: enable GENERIC_BOARD
2014-07-05 Christian Riescharm, calimain: Add CONFIG_SYS_GENERIC_BOARD
2014-07-05 Shaibal.Duttaarm: Fix armv8 compilation error
2014-07-05 Łukasz Dałekarm:board:h2200: Add CONFIG_SYS_GENERIC_BOARD
2014-07-05 Jeroen Hofsteearm: spl: fix include guard
2014-07-04 Albert ARIBAUDReformat boards.cfg
2014-07-04 Chin Liang Seesocfpga: Adding Scan Manager driver
2014-07-04 Chin Liang Seesocfpga: Adding DesignWare watchdog support
2014-07-04 Chin Liang Seewatchdog/denali: Adding DesignWare watchdog driver...
2014-07-04 Sergey Kostanbaevarm: ep9315: Return back Cirrus Logic EDB9315A board...
2014-07-04 Axel Lingpio: spear_gpio: Fix gpio_set_value() implementation
2014-07-04 Jeroen HofsteeARM: cache_v7: use __weak
2014-07-04 York SunARMv8/ls2085a_emu: Add LS2085A emulator and simulator...