2015-09-08 Gabriel Huaux86: minnowmax: use the correct NOR in the configuration
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Correct the typo in write_tables()
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Kconfig: Remove deprecated CONFIG_SYS_EXTRA_OPTIONS
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Kconfig: Move DM_SPI & DM_SPI_FLASH to arch/Kconfig
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Kconfig: MARK_GRAPHICS_MEM_WRCOMB cosmetics
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Kconfig: Move platform options forward
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Kconfig: Divide the target selection to vendor...
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: quark: Turn on legacy segments decode
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Check PIRQ routing table sanity in the F segment
2015-09-08 Gabriel Huaux86: minnowmax: add GPIO banks in the device tree
2015-09-08 Gabriel Huaux86: baytrail: fix the GPIOBASE address
2015-09-08 Simon Glassx86: Correct Minnowboard instructions to use the right...
2015-09-08 Bin Mengbiosemu: Do not free vga_info->BIOSImage when it is...
2015-09-08 Bin Mengpci: Remove parameter 'class' of pci_rom_load()
2015-09-08 Bin Mengpci: Option rom class is a 24-bit number
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: queensbay: Implement PIRQ routing
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Support platform PIRQ routing
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Write configuration tables in last_stage_init()
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Add a function to assign IRQ numbers to PCI device
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Install a default e820 table in the __weak install...
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Clean up arch/x86/include/asm/e820.h
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Add alias for SPI node in the board dts
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Set serial port IRQ for SMSC LPC47M
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Move CONFIG_ENV_IS_IN_SPI_FLASH to x86-common.h
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: queensbay: Avoid using PCH prefix
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: Remove the old VGA driver
2015-09-08 Bin Mengx86: minnowmax: Remove CONFIG_VIDEO_X86 in the defconfig
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: zynq: rename CONFIG_ZYNQ to CONFIG_ARCH_ZYNQ
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: zynq: move SoC headers to mach-zynq/include/mach
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: zynq: move SoC sources to mach-zynq
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: zynq: pass "-mfpu=neon" only to lowlevel_init.S
2015-09-08 Michal Simekzynqmp: Enable SDHCI0 options
2015-09-08 Siva Durga... zynqmp: Enable FS_GENERIC option
2015-09-08 Siva Durga... zynqmp: Add SPI driver support for ZynqMP
2015-09-08 Siva Durga... zynqmp: i2c: Enable i2c driver for zynqMP
2015-09-08 Michal Simekzynqmp: Add support for EMMC bootmode
2015-09-08 Michal Simekzynqmp: Add support for emulation platform - Veloce
2015-09-08 Siva Durga... zynq: timer: Fix wrong timer calculation
2015-09-08 Siva Durga... zynqmp: sdhci: Remove the quirk SDHCI_QUIRK_NO_CD
2015-09-08 Michal Simekzynqmp: Add support for R5 sw loading
2015-09-08 Siva Durga... zynqmp: caches: Enable dcache for zynqmp
2015-09-08 Siva Durga... zynq: slcr: Disable all level shifters
2015-09-08 Masahiro YamadaARM: zynq: drop legacy ps7_init.c/h support
2015-09-08 Nathan Rossizynq: Add Zynq PicoZed board support
2015-09-08 Michal Simekserial: zynq: Add support for slow emulation platform
2015-09-08 Michal Simekzynq: Enable GPIO driver and GPIO commands
2015-09-08 Andrea Sciangpio: add Xilinx Zynq PS GPIO driver
2015-09-08 Nathan Rossimicroblaze: Fix EMAC Lite initialization
2015-09-08 Simon Glassdm: core: Correct bug introduced in uclass_first/next_d...
2015-09-08 Axel Linserial: ns16550: Remove hard-coded baud_divisor setting
2015-09-08 Masahiro Yamadadm: core: drop device removal error path correctly
2015-09-08 Jagannadha... sf: Fix to compute proper sector_size
2015-09-08 Bin Mengdm: sf: Make SST flash write op work again
2015-09-08 Bin Mengdm: sf: Save flash flags to struct spi_flash
2015-09-08 David Dueckspi: omap3: Fix timeout handling
2015-09-08 Pavel Macheksocfpga: implement arria V socdk SPI flash config in dts
2015-09-08 Daniel SchwierzeckMIPS: implement device-tree handover to Linux kernel
2015-09-08 Hans de Goedefdt: Fix handling of paths with options in them
2015-09-08 Pavel Macheksocfpga: implement socdk SPI flash config in dts
2015-09-08 York Sunarmv8/fsl-lsch3: Implement workaround for I2C erratum...
2015-09-08 Yangbo Luls2085a: esdhc: Add esdhc support for ls2085a
2015-09-08 Scott Woodarmv8/ls2085ardb: Enable NAND SPL support
2015-09-08 Scott Woodfreescale/qixis: Add support for booting from NAND
2015-09-08 Scott Woodarmv8/ls2085aqds: NAND boot support
2015-09-08 Jaiprakash... driver/ifc: Add 64KB page support
2015-09-08 Prabhakar Kushwahaboard/ls2085qds: Add support ethernet
2015-09-08 Heiko Schochercmd, nand: add more info to "nand info"
2015-09-08 Marek Vasutrtc: Set valid date after reset
2015-09-08 Bryan De Fariaarm: am437x: mux: Update mux names
2015-09-08 angelo@sysam.itm68k: add architecture-specific u-boot.lds
2015-09-08 Dileep Kattafastboot: ARM: OMAP5: Enable reboot-bootloader
2015-09-08 Wu, Joshpatman: check git format.subjectprefix setting when...
2015-09-08 Michal Simekbuildman: Add gcc 4.9.0 with Microblaze toolchain
2015-09-08 Dileep KattaARM: DRA7: Set serial number environment variable
2015-09-08 Dileep KattaARM: DRA7XX: Enable Fastboot
2015-09-08 Zhou Zhumvgpio: remove CONFIG_SHEEVA_88SV331xV5 dependency
2015-09-08 Xiang Wanggpio: mvmfp: support newer MFP bit definitions
2015-09-08 Peter Howarddavinci: add support for omapl138-lcdk board
2015-09-08 York Sunarmv8/ls2085ardb: Add support of LS2085ARDB platform
2015-09-08 York Sunarmv8/ls2085aqds: Add support of LS2085AQDS platform
2015-09-08 Prabhakar Kushwahadriver/ldpaa: Add support of WRIOP static data structure
2015-09-08 Bhupesh Sharmaarmv8/fsl-ch3: Add support to print RCW configuration
2015-09-08 Shaohui Xienet/memac_phy: reuse driver for little endian SoCs
2015-09-08 J. German Riveradrivers/fsl-mc: Changed MC firmware loading for new...
2015-09-08 pankaj chauhannet/phy/cortina: Fix compilation warning
2015-09-08 Minghuan Lianarmv8: Add SerDes framework for Layerscape Architecture
2015-09-08 Prabhakar Kushwahadriver/ldpaa_eth: Update ldpaa ethernet driver
2015-09-08 Scott Woodarmv8/fsl-lsch3: Use correct compatible for serial...
2015-09-08 Scott Woodarmv8/ls2085a: Add workaround for USB erratum A-008751
2015-09-08 Scott Woodfsl-lsch3: Introduce place for common early SoC init
2015-09-08 York Sunarmv8/fsl-lsch3: Update early MMU table
2015-09-08 Scott Woodarmv8/fsl-lsch3: Set nodes in DVM domain
2015-09-08 pankaj chauhanarmv8/ls2085a: Add support for reset request
2015-09-08 York Sunarmv8/ls2085a: Fix generic timer clock source
2015-09-08 York Sunarmv8/fsl-lsch3: Fix platform clock calculation
2015-09-08 Prabhakar Kushwahaarmv8/ls2085a: Update common header file
2015-09-08 York Sunarmv8/fsl-lsch3: Implement workaround for erratum A008585
2015-09-08 Minghuan Liandrivers/net/e1000.c: Cleanup whitespace
2015-09-08 Scott Woodcmd_mem: Store last address/size/etc as ulong
2015-09-08 York Sundriver/ddr/fsl: Add workaround for DDR erratum A008511