2013-07-03 Andreas Bießmanntools/proftool: remove REG_NOERROR
2013-07-03 Andreas Bießmannlib/rsa/rsa-sig.c: compile on OS X
2013-07-03 Łukasz Majewskidfu:ext4:fix Fix DFU upload functionality
2013-07-03 Łukasz Majewskidfu:ext4:fix Fix ext4{read|write} command formatting
2013-07-03 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-usb
2013-07-02 Andreas Bießmannavr32/m68k/microblaze/nds32/nios2/openrisc/sh/sparc...
2013-07-01 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-nand...
2013-06-30 Pierre Aubertusb: add support for the USB Ethernet adapter D-Link...
2013-06-30 Heiko Schocherusb: fix unaligned access in device_qual()
2013-06-30 Lukasz Majewskidfu:function: Fix number of allocated DFU function...
2013-06-30 Heiko Schocherusb, musb-new: add wdt trigger
2013-06-30 Heiko Schocherusb, g_dnl: make possibility to fixup the device_desc...
2013-06-30 Heiko Schocherusb, dfu gadget: switch to dfu mode in dfu_bind
2013-06-30 Piotr Wilczekusb:composite: use memcpy to avoid unaligned access
2013-06-30 Piotr Wilczekdrivers:usb: use get|put_unaligned_le16
2013-06-30 Heiko Schocherdfu: make data buffer size configurable
2013-06-28 Tom RiniPrepare v2013.07-rc2 v2013.07-rc2
2013-06-28 Stefan RoeseFix bootm to work on powerpc again (compressed uImage)
2013-06-28 Simon Glassmkimage: Build signing only if board has CONFIG_FIT_SIG...
2013-06-28 Simon Glassbootm: Disable interrupts before loading OS
2013-06-28 Tom Rinicmd_bootm.c: Correct BOOTM_ERR_OVERLAP handling
2013-06-27 Tom Riniam335x_evm: Add missing ';' in findfdt
2013-06-27 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-74xx-7xx
2013-06-27 Wolfgang DenkPPC 74xx_7xx: Fix build warnings for ELPPC board
2013-06-27 Jason JinColdFire: Update the arch_global_date changes for mcf5441x
2013-06-27 Steve deRosierFix MCF5235 SDRAM base address macro
2013-06-27 Jens Scharsig... m68k: fix debug call befor serial init
2013-06-26 Mike Dunnmtd/nand: docg4: fix compiler warnings
2013-06-26 Axel Linusb: musb: Use ARRAY_SIZE at appropriate places
2013-06-26 Axel Linmtd: cfi_flash: Use ARRAY_SIZE at appropriate places
2013-06-26 Axel Linhwmon: lm63: Use ARRAY_SIZE at appropriate place
2013-06-26 Axel Linserial: Use ARRAY_SIZE instead of reinventing it
2013-06-26 Vincent StehléREADME: align default commands with code
2013-06-26 Sascha SilbeFix block device accesses beyond 2TiB
2013-06-26 Steven Stallioncmd_bootm: Add command line arguments to Plan 9
2013-06-26 Simon GlassAdd verified boot information and test
2013-06-26 Simon Glasssandbox: config: Enable FIT signatures with RSA
2013-06-26 Simon Glassimage: Add support for signing of FIT configurations
2013-06-26 Simon Glasslibfdt: Add fdt_find_regions()
2013-06-26 Simon Glassmkimage: Add -r option to specify keys that must be...
2013-06-26 Simon Glassmkimage: Add -c option to specify a comment for key...
2013-06-26 Simon Glassmkimage: Add -F option to modify an existing .fit file
2013-06-26 Simon Glassmkimage: Add -K to write public keys to an FDT blob
2013-06-26 Simon Glassmkimage: Add -k option to specify key directory
2013-06-26 Simon Glassimage: Add RSA support for image signing
2013-06-26 Simon Glassimage: Support signing of images
2013-06-26 Simon Glassimage: Add signing infrastructure
2013-06-26 Simon Glassx86: config: Add tracing options
2013-06-26 Simon Glassx86: Support tracing function
2013-06-26 Simon Glassexynos: config: Add tracing options
2013-06-26 Simon Glassexynos: Avoid function instrumentation for microsecond...
2013-06-26 Simon Glassarm: Implement the 'fake' go command
2013-06-26 Simon GlassAdd a 'fake' go command to the bootm command
2013-06-26 Simon GlassRefactor the bootm command to reduce code duplication
2013-06-26 Simon GlassClarify bootm OS arguments
2013-06-26 Simon GlassAdd a simple test for sandbox trace
2013-06-26 Simon Glasssandbox: Support trace feature
2013-06-26 Simon GlassAdd proftool to decode profile data
2013-06-26 Simon GlassAdd trace support to generic board
2013-06-26 Simon GlassSupport tracing in config.mk when enabled
2013-06-26 Simon GlassAdd a trace command
2013-06-26 Simon GlassAdd trace library
2013-06-26 Simon GlassAdd function to print a number with grouped digits
2013-06-26 Simon Glassbootstage: Correct printf types
2013-06-26 Simon GlassShow stdout on error in fit-test
2013-06-26 Simon GlassFix missing return in do_mem_loop()
2013-06-26 Simon Glassx86: Correct missing local variable in bootm
2013-06-26 Simon Glasspci: Convert extern inline functions to static inline
2013-06-26 Hung-ying Tyancros: exynos: enable cros-ec for smdk5250
2013-06-26 Hung-ying Tyancros: exynos: add cros-ec device nodes to exynos5250...
2013-06-26 Hung-ying Tyancros: adds cros_ec keyboard driver
2013-06-26 Hung-ying Tyancros: add LPC support for cros_ec
2013-06-26 Hung-ying Tyancros: exynos: add SPI support for cros_ec
2013-06-26 Hung-ying Tyancros: add I2C support for cros_ec
2013-06-26 Hung-ying Tyancros: add cros_ec driver
2013-06-25 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-net
2013-06-25 Heiko Schocherphylib: add atheros ar803x phy
2013-06-25 Heiko Schocherphylib: add natsemi dp83630 phy
2013-06-25 Kuo-Jung Sunet: update FTGMAC100 for MMU/D-cache support
2013-06-25 Kuo-Jung Sunet: add Faraday FTMAC110 10/100Mbps ethernet support
2013-06-25 SARTRE Leonet: phy: supplement support for Micrel's KSZ9031
2013-06-25 Bo Shennet: macb: add support for gigabit MAC
2013-06-25 Bo Shennet: macb: using phylib to configure phy device
2013-06-25 Bo Shennet: macb: using AT91FAMILY replace #ifdeferry
2013-06-25 Bo ShenARM: at91sam9n12: add network support with ksz8851_16mll
2013-06-25 Roberto Ceratinet: ks8851_mll: add ethernet support
2013-06-25 Xie Xiaobophylib: Add Atheros AR8035 GETH PHY support
2013-06-25 Charles Coldwelladd support for Xilinx 1000BASE-X phy (GTX)
2013-06-25 Joe Hershbergernet: Correct check for link-local target IP conflict
2013-06-25 David AndreyPHY: micrel.c: add support for KSZ9031
2013-06-25 Kim Phillipsnet/tftp: sparse fixes
2013-06-25 Kim Phillipsnet: make IPaddr type big endian
2013-06-25 Joe Hershbergernet: Fix build regression in macb.c
2013-06-25 Shiraz Hashimnet/macb: Add arch specific routine to get mdio control
2013-06-25 Vipin Kumarnet/designware: Do not select MIIPORT for RGMII interface
2013-06-25 Matthias Bruggernet: nfs: add dynamic wait period
2013-06-25 Sebastian HesselbarthNET: mvgbe: add support for Dove
2013-06-25 Sebastian HesselbarthNET: mvgbe: add phylib support
2013-06-25 Sebastian HesselbarthNET: phy: add 88E1310 PHY initialization
2013-06-25 Rob Herringpxe: add ipappend support