2014-07-26 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-microblaze/zynq' into 'u-boot...
2014-07-25 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-sh
2014-07-24 Masahiro Yamadash: unify sh2/sh3/sh4 linker scripts
2014-07-23 Simon Glassbuildman: Avoid retrying a build if it definitely failed
2014-07-23 Simon Glassbuildman: Add -F flag to retry failed builds
2014-07-23 Masahiro Yamadazynq: disable -Wstrict-prototypes option for ps7_init.c
2014-07-23 Michal SimekARM: zynq: Show ECC status on the same line as DRAM...
2014-07-23 Michal SimekARM: zynq: Enable generic board for Xilinx Zynq
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Give the demo uclass a name
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Add dm_scan_other() to locate board-specific devices
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Improve errors and warnings in lists_bind_fdt()
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Add child_pre_probe() and child_post_remove() methods
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Introduce per-child data for devices
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Add functions to access a device's children
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Provide a function to scan child FDT nodes
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Tidy up some header file comments
2014-07-23 Simon Glassfdt: Add a function to get the node offset of an alias
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Avoid accessing uclasses before they are ready
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Allow a device to be found by its FDT offset
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Display the sequence number for each device
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Introduce device sequence numbering
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Avoid activating devices in 'dm uclass' command
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Move device display into its own function
2014-07-23 Simon Glassfdt: Add a function to get the alias sequence of a...
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Move uclass error checking/probing into a function
2014-07-23 Simon GlassAdd a flag indicating when the serial console is ready
2014-07-23 Simon Glassconsole: Remove vprintf() optimisation for sandbox
2014-07-23 Simon Glassstdio: Provide functions to add/remove devices using...
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Support driver model prior to relocation
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Allow drivers to be marked 'before relocation'
2014-07-23 Simon Glasssandbox: Remove all drivers before exit
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Provide a way to shut down driver model
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Make sure that the root device is probed
2014-07-23 Simon Glassstdio: Pass device pointer to stdio methods
2014-07-23 Simon Glassstdio: Remove redundant code around stdio_register...
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: Use an explicit expect value in core tests
2014-07-23 Simon Glassdm: gpio: Don't use the driver model uclass for SPL
2014-07-23 Simon Glasssandbox: Always enable malloc debug
2014-07-23 Simon Glasssandbox: config: Enable pre-relocation malloc()
2014-07-23 Simon Glasssandbox: Support pre-relocation malloc()
2014-07-23 Simon GlassAdd a simple malloc() implementation for pre-relocation
2014-07-23 Simon Glasssandbox: Set up global data before board_init_f()
2014-07-23 Simon GlassRemove form-feeds from dlmalloc.c
2014-07-22 Masahiro Yamadam68k: define __kernel_size_t as unsinged int again
2014-07-22 Masahiro Yamadam68k: fix an undefined behavior warning of M5253DEMO...
2014-07-22 Wolfgang Denkboards.cfg: re-claim ownership for TQM8xx boards
2014-07-22 Pavel MachekEthernet: let user know if there is no valid ethernet...
2014-07-22 Ian Campbellboard_r: run scsi init() on ARM too
2014-07-22 Ian CampbellAHCI: Increase link timeout to 200ms
2014-07-22 Masahiro Yamada.gitignore: clean-up unnecessary entries
2014-07-22 Masahiro YamadaUpdate .mailmap using scripts/mailmapper
2014-07-22 Masahiro Yamadascripts: add mailmapper, a tool to create/update mailma...
2014-07-22 Masahiro Yamadaadd .mailmap for proper git-shortlog output
2014-07-22 Pavel Machekwhitespace cleanups
2014-07-22 Igor GrinbergMakefile: fix tags target documentation
2014-07-22 Igor GrinbergMakefile: fix ctags/etags clean targets
2014-07-22 Igor GrinbergMakefile: fix the {c, e}tags/cscope build targets
2014-07-22 Alexander Hollerrpi_b: handle import of environments in files with...
2014-07-22 Alexander Holleram335x_evm: handle import of environments in files...
2014-07-22 Alexander Holleromap3_beagle: handle import of environments in files...
2014-07-22 Alexander HollerAdd option -r to env import to allow import of text...
2014-07-22 Tom Rinih2200: Disable SHA256 on FIT images
2014-07-22 Pavel Macheklib/time.c cleanups
2014-07-22 Jeroen Hofsteecommon: cmd_ide: use __weak and add prototypes
2014-07-22 Jeroen Hofsteecommon: cmd_ide: remove PIO mode
2014-07-22 Masahiro Yamadaserial: ns16550: use a const variable instead of macro
2014-07-22 Masahiro Yamadaserial: ns16550: use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST macro to compute...
2014-07-22 Masahiro Yamadaserial: ns16550: drop CONFIG_OMAP1610 from the special...
2014-07-22 Pavel Machekbootp can use mdelay
2014-07-22 Masahiro Yamadaspl: nand: read only in the size of image_header on...
2014-07-22 Pavel Machekcatch wrong load address passed to fatload / ext2load
2014-07-22 Pavel MachekFix help text of ext2load and fatload.
2014-07-22 Jeroen Hofsteetools: compiler.h: add missing time.h
2014-07-22 Lijun Pandriver/usb: include upper/lower_32_bits() from linux...
2014-07-22 Lijun Panlinux/compat.h: port lower_32_bits and upper_32_bits...
2014-07-22 Masahiro Yamadasparc: merge LEON2 and LEON3 linker scripts
2014-07-22 Masahiro Yamadasparc: merge LEON3 linker scripts
2014-07-22 Tom Riniesd:cmd_loadpci.c: Switch from "do_source" to "source"
2014-07-21 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-i2c
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteecommon: cmd_mii: fix printf format warning
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteeautoboot: add its own header
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteeboard: rpi_b: include mmc header and fix prototype
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteemmc: prevent some warnings with make W=1
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteecommon: env_common: make env_get_char_spec __weak
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteeyaffs2: preprocessor cleanup
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteeyaffs2: cosmetic: remove self assignments
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteecommon: bootm_os: make arch_preboot_os __weak
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteedirvers: mmc: use __weak
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteelib:vsprintf: reduce scope of pack_hex_byte
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteeenv_callback.h: spl: mark callback as maybe_unused
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteelib:sha1: remove unused constant
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteecommon: main.c: make show_boot_progress __weak
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteelib:lmb: use __weak
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteecommon:splash: use __weak
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteedm: add missing includes
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteecommon: board_f: cosmetic use __weak for leds
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteecommon: commands: make commands static
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteelib: div64: add missing include
2014-07-18 Jeroen Hofsteemtd: cfi_flash: fix clang warning
2014-07-16 Shengzhou Liufsl_i2c: add support for 3rd and 4th I2C