2007-06-07 Vadim Bendeburycosmetic changes to bcm570x driver
2007-06-04 Wolfgang DenkMerge ... /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodian/u-boot-ppc4xx
2007-06-04 Benoît Monin[PATCH] Fix ppc4xx bootstrap letter displayed on startup
2007-06-01 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Add missing file for Bamboo NAND booting support
2007-06-01 Stefan RoeseMerge with /home/stefan/git/u-boot/bamboo-nand
2007-06-01 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Undo Sequoia patch for dynamic EBC speed suppor...
2007-06-01 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Update Sequoia NAND booting support with ECC
2007-06-01 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Add NAND booting support for AMCC Bamboo (440EP...
2007-06-01 Stefan RoeseNAND: Add ECC support to NAND booting support in nand_s...
2007-06-01 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Prepare Bamboo port for NAND booting support
2007-06-01 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Update in_be32() functions and friends to lates...
2007-06-01 Stefan RoeseNAND: Add hardware ECC support to the PPC4xx NAND drive...
2007-06-01 Stefan RoeseNAND: Update nand_ecc.c to latest Linux version
2007-06-01 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: 44x DDR driver code cleanup and small fix for...
2007-06-01 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Change Luan config file to support ECC
2007-06-01 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Update 44x_spd_ddr2 code (440SP/440SPe)
2007-05-31 Wolfgang DenkMerge with /home/wd/git/u-boot/stx-gp3ssa
2007-05-31 Wolfgang DenkAdd support for STX GP3SSA (stxssa) Board with 4 MiB...
2007-05-27 Wolfgang DenkMerge with /home/tur/git/u-boot#motionpro
2007-05-27 Bartlomiej... Motion-PRO: Code cleanup, fix of a typo in OF_STDOUT_PATH.
2007-05-27 Bartlomiej... Motion-PRO: Add support for redundant environment.
2007-05-27 Bartlomiej... Motion-PRO: Change maximum console buffer size from...
2007-05-27 Bartlomiej... Fix: Add missing NULL termination in strings expanded...
2007-05-27 Bartlomiej... Motion-PRO: Update EEPROM's page write bits and write...
2007-05-27 Bartlomiej... MPC5XXX, Motion-PRO: Fix PHY initialization problem.
2007-05-27 Bartlomiej... Motion-PRO: Add support for the temperature sensor.
2007-05-27 Bartlomiej... Motion-PRO: Add displaying of CPLD revision information...
2007-05-27 Bartlomiej... MPC5xxx: Change names of defines related to IPB and...
2007-05-27 Bartlomiej... Motion-PRO: Add LED support.
2007-05-24 Stefan RoeseMerge with /home/stefan/git/u-boot/acadia-nand
2007-05-24 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Fix small 405EZ OCM initilization bug in start.S
2007-05-24 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Update AMCC Acadia support for board revision 1.1
2007-05-22 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Use do { ... } while (0) for CPR & SDR access...
2007-05-22 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Add 405 support to 4xx NAND driver ndfc.c
2007-05-21 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Fix problem in 405EZ OCM initialization
2007-05-18 Stefan RoeseMerge with git://www.denx.de/git/u-boot.git
2007-05-16 Stefano BabicFix compile problem cause my Microblaze merge
2007-05-16 Jeffrey Mann[PATCH] Run new sequoia boards with an EBC speed of...
2007-05-15 Wolfgang DenkMinor Coding Style cleanup, update CHANGELOG.
2007-05-15 Wolfgang DenkMerge ... /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodian/u-boot-mpc83xx
2007-05-15 Wolfgang DenkCoding Style Cleanup, new CHANGELOG
2007-05-15 Wolfgang DenkMerge ... /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodian/u-boot-microblaze
2007-05-14 Wolfgang DenkMerge with /home/wd/git/u-boot/master
2007-05-14 Wolfgang DenkMerge with /home/tur/git/u-boot#motionpro
2007-05-11 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Add mtcpr/mfcpr access macros
2007-05-11 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Set bd->bi_pci_busfreq on 440EPx/GRx too
2007-05-10 Piotr Kruszynski[Motion-PRO] Add MTD and JFFS2 support, also add defaul...
2007-05-08 Michal Simekadd: reading special purpose registers
2007-05-08 Michal Simekadd: Microblaze V5 exception handling
2007-05-08 Michal Simekadd: FSL control read and write
2007-05-08 Piotr Kruszynski[Motion-PRO] Add support for I2C, EEPROM and RTC.
2007-05-08 Bartlomiej... [Motion-PRO] Add ATA support. Add CF-booting commands...
2007-05-08 Bartlomiej... [Motion-PRO] Change IPB clock frequency from 50MHz...
2007-05-08 Bartlomiej... [Motion-PRO] Enable Flat Device Tree support and modify...
2007-05-07 Michal SimekMerge git://www.denx.de/git/u-boot
2007-05-07 Michal Simeknew: USE_MSR_INTR support
2007-05-07 Bartlomiej... [MPC5xxx] There are networking problems on the Motion...
2007-05-07 Wolfgang DenkGet rid of duplicated file (see include/configs/sbc8560...
2007-05-07 Wolfgang DenkGet rid of duplicated file (see doc/README.SBC8560...
2007-05-07 Michal Simekfix: read and write MSR - repair number of parameters
2007-05-07 Jeffrey Mann[PATCH] ppc4xx: Fix CONFIG_SYS_CLK_FREQ definition...
2007-05-07 Michal Simeknew: fsl interrupt support
2007-05-07 Michal Simekfix: interrupt handler
2007-05-07 Michal Simekfix: remove asm code
2007-05-07 Michal Simekfix: clean interrupt
2007-05-07 Michal Simekfix: interrupt handler for multiple sources
2007-05-07 Michal Simeknew: add writing to msr register
2007-05-05 Timur Tabi5xxx: write MAC address to mac-address and local-mac...
2007-05-05 Grzegorz Wianecki[PATCH] Use PVR to distinguish MPC5200B from MPC5200...
2007-05-05 Ladislav Michl[PATCH] simplify silent console
2007-05-05 Sergei Shtylyov[PATCH] Avoid assigning PCI resources from zero address
2007-05-05 Jeffrey Mann[patch] setenv(...) can delete environmentalvariables
2007-05-05 Mike Frysinger[patch] use unsigned char in smc91111 driver for mac
2007-05-05 Michal Simeknew: FSL and MSR support #2
2007-05-05 Michal Simeknew: FSL and MSR support
2007-05-05 Wolfgang DenkCoding stylke cleanup; update CHANGELOG.
2007-05-05 Wolfgang DenkMerge ... /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodian/u-boot-ppc4xx
2007-05-05 Wolfgang DenkAdd STX GP3 SSA board to MAKEALL script; update CHANGELOG.
2007-05-05 Wolfgang DenkMerge ... /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodian/u-boot-mpc85xx
2007-05-05 Wolfgang DenkMake "file" command happy with some config.mk files...
2007-05-05 Wolfgang DenkMerge ... /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodian/u-boot-nand...
2007-05-05 Wolfgang DenkMerge ... /home/wd/git/u-boot/custodian/u-boot-mpc86xx
2007-05-05 Stefan RoeseMerge with git://www.denx.de/git/u-boot.git
2007-05-05 Jeffrey Mannppc4xx: Detect if the sysclk on Sequoia is 33 or 33...
2007-05-05 Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Sequoia: Remove cpu/ppc4xx/speed.c from NAND...
2007-05-05 Stefan RoeseMerge with git://www.denx.de/git/u-boot.git
2007-05-05 Thomas KnoblochNAND: Wrong calculation of page number in nand_block_bad()
2007-05-04 Wolfgang DenkFix initrd length corruption in bootm command.
2007-05-04 Kim Phillipsmpc83xx: fix trivial error in MAKEALL
2007-05-03 Wolfgang DenkUpdate board configuration for STX GP3SSA board:
2007-05-03 Wolfgang DenkCleanup STX GP3SSA code; fix build and compile problems.
2007-05-03 Dan MalekAdd support for STX GP3SSA (stxssa) Board
2007-05-02 Andy FlemingCleaned up some 85xx PCI bugs
2007-05-02 Andy FlemingAdd support for the 8568 MDS board
2007-05-02 David UpdegraffAdd support for treating unknown PHYs as generic PHYs.
2007-05-01 James YangConditionalize 8641 Rev1.0 MCM workarounds
2007-05-01 Timur TabiFix memory initialization on MPC8349E-mITX
2007-05-01 Kim Phillipsmpc83xx: replace elaborate boottime verbosity with...
2007-05-01 James YangRewrote picos_to_clk() to avoid rounding errors.
2007-04-29 Stefan RoeseMerge with git://www.denx.de/git/u-boot.git